An Easy Guide to Midlife Fitness and Exercise Routine

Exercise and a healthy diet is the key to maintain a healthy body in every age. Some people spend hours in the gym while others prefer quick workouts such as Tabata and HIIT. These kinds of workouts are becoming extremely popular these days. However, experts suggest that this is not enough to cut down the risk of disease and maintain a healthier body.

Cambridge University recently published research conducted on middle-aged people in the UK. The participants were from the age group ranging from 40-79 years old. According to the research, it is better to have a workout routine of more than 150 minutes weekly. This can help eliminate the risk of fatal health conditions later in life and it is an appropriate midlife exercise routine.

The research showed that the individuals who increased their workout time to at least an hour had 42% less risk of diseases. An hour-long workout seems depressing and almost unachievable in a busy lifestyle. However, it is way easier to manage than it seems. According to the study, any mild physical activity throughout the day can help cut down the risk of death.

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The study shows that physical activity can consist of running, cycling, walking, or even mild movements while doing office work. This study is a breath of fresh air for middle age group individuals who do not have the motivation to workout for hours every week. These people can easily incorporate this routine into their lifestyle as a midlife exercise routine and achieve their goal of a healthier life.

A good way to incorporate physical work into everyday life is office meetings while standing. Many experts suggest people do their office work and meetings while standing. Not only it helps finish the work early but also contributes to an increase in confidence. Research by Brunel University suggests that this helps people feel more confident and engaging.

Another way is to do meetings while walking. This is a great tip for brainstorming and it also helps increase the physical activity throughout the day. Also, it is very easy to incorporate into everyday life.

There are other ways to increase physical activity for people with a different lifestyle. Swimming is a great activity to boost the immune system and strengthen the body. Going for a swim at least four times a week is an alternative to hectic hours at the gym. Also, there is no need to subscribe to a gym membership when you can go swimming a few times a week.

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Experts also suggest walking or running instead of taking a bus for short distances. This can easily incorporate walking into the everyday routine. Also, people should prefer taking stairs instead of elevators. Climbing a few stairs every day can help increase physical activity during the day.

Physical activity not only helps increase the lifespan but it has other benefits as well. A mild workout or activity during the day can help uplift the mood and spirit of the person. It not only helps boost immunity but also makes the person feel better about themselves. There are several ways to have a midlife exercise routine that benefits in many ways.

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