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Putin Announces the First Russian-made Novel Coronavirus Vaccine

Many countries around the world are in a global race to produce an effective coronavirus vaccine. Some countries even started vaccine trials with a few successful results. Meanwhile, Russia is one of the countries trying to excel in the race of coronavirus vaccine production. President Vladimir Putin recently announced the approval of the first Russian coronavirus vaccine.

Russia became the first-ever country to pass approval to a coronavirus vaccine. The scientists tested this vaccine over not more than two months. The clinical trials for the Russian coronavirus vaccine are still in progress. The vaccine is currently in the final stages of trials. However, the vaccine will become available for mass inoculation after the announcement made by the President.

The first-ever approved coronavirus vaccine is developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute in Moscow.

Even though it seems like Russia is winning the race of coronavirus vaccine production, many experts have raised their concerns. The country will make the vaccine available for Russians earlier than any other country. This shows the determination of the Russian authorities in defeating the coronavirus. However, it is not safe to roll out a vaccine for inoculation in a huge population before confirmed clinical trials.

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Mr. Putin talked about the vaccine during a meeting of government authorities. He said that the vaccine is completely safe for the public. Mr. Putin also mentioned that his daughter got a dose of the Russian coronavirus vaccine.

He also said that he is sure about the efficacy of this vaccine. Mr. Putin also addressed the safety issue saying that the vaccine is completely safe and it was approved after necessary checks. He also said that hopefully, Russia will start the mass production of the first-ever approved vaccine soon.

The coronavirus cases in Russia are the fourth highest in the world. The number of cases recorded in the country reached 897,599. Also, the number of deaths in the country reached 15,131 fatalities after which the President announced the approval of their vaccine.

The spokesman for WHO, Tarik Jasarevic said that the organization is constantly keeping contact with Russian health authorities. He said that the WHO talked about pre-qualification before mass administration of the vaccine. This pre-qualification will include complete scrutiny and ensure that the Russian coronavirus vaccine passed all trials.

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Any vaccine the world does not get regulatory approval before the massive clinical trial or Phase 3 trial. This trial involves thousands of participants which confirms the efficacy of the vaccine. Only after that, the vaccine gets approval for mass administration. However, the early approval of this vaccine shows that the vaccine did not yet pass the essential end-stage trial.

Nearly four vaccines are currently in the final stage of trials, as stated by the WHO. Also, at least 100 vaccines are in the process of development in countries around the world. Many experts suggest that the race to develop a vaccine can compromise the safety of the public. On the other hand, some experts state otherwise. However, the rush to produce an effective vaccine causes distrust among the public towards the government.

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