Chinese Man Gets Coronavirus Again After Recovery

The news on a man who has is diagnosed with the coronavirus again after four months of being recovered from it. This patient is still anonymous who has been diagnosed when he visited Shanghai. Another woman from Hubei, the site of coronavirus has also reportedly caught the virus second time in six months.

This man belonged to the North-Eastern province of China, Jilin. He was first diagnosed with coronavirus in April and now in August, he has contracted the coronavirus again after recovering.

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This new case has come into the news after the Chinese Health Officials have reported the case of an older woman from Hubei, which is the epicenter of Coronavirus, being infected second time within six months.

This new case has been recognized as an imported case meaning that he has arrived in the country from abroad, expressed in the official notice. However, there is no information on where was he traveling.

The hospital has checked him up and put him under a quarantine. He is currently not hospitalized and the authorities are reporting him recovered for the second time too.

This resident from Jilin traveled to Shanghai along with his wife and he visited the Zhongshan Hospital on 9th August. On August 11th, he was reported with coronavirus again although he was initially free of the virus four months ago. However, the hospital arranged nucleic acid testing which is a requirement for all the visitors, issued under the Government’s order.

His wife and 23 of the close contacts are also informed of their potential contamination and they are currently under isolation. All of them were re-tested and cleared from the coronavirus, according to the authorities.

The case of this other woman, was the 68 years old woman, a native of Jingzhou city which shares a neighborhood with the Wuhan. Wuhan is the province where the coronavirus first emerged in December 2019.

The old woman was tested coronavirus positive on 8th February but she was able to beat it and recover. After her second time viral contraction, she is under quarantine and receiving the medication.

A month ago, an Israeli doctor has also got the virus again which raises the new questions on the efficiency of safety measures. If people are getting the virus twice, does this mean that the coronavirus immunity is a hoax?

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There is no scientific explanation of why are some people getting it twice. Some experts believe that it’s because of the inaccuracy of the initial tests or maybe a very long illness. Many of them believe that it is highly unlikely for the virus to hit someone again, after recovering once.

The data on the coronavirus, to this day suggests that all those people who were diagnosed for the first time already have an immunity against the virus which could be temporary.

But it is also questionable as per the natural protection of the species. The re-infection is highly questionable and needs a detailed analysis to find the truth why this virus has hit them again or the viral bodies are circulating in their blood to this day.



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