An Online Tool That Provides Free Workout Plan to Burn Off Every Meal

Counting calories in every single meal are always hustle for people who keep a track of their diet. Recently, WorkOffYourDinner, a UK based website revealed an online calculator that will do this job for you. This online calculator can count the calories in every meal which includes the drinks. On this basis, the calculator will provide you a free workout plan that you need to balance out these calories.

This website has several options for different meals and beverages. The user will select the meal they had and the calculator will do the rest of the work. The website gives the option of various exercises to the user that can help work off all those calories in that meal. The exercises include cycling, squats, rowing, and walking. It also tells the reps required in that particular free workout plan.

The website uses data about calories from different sources. It takes some information from the fast food place that provides that particular meal. The website owners also do their research to provide the user with their required exercise plan.

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The tool provides information about various meals including pizza, crisps, curry, and several other takeout foods. It also has a lift of many alcoholic and not alcoholic beverages that go with the meal. The tool then calculates the total number of calories in the complete meal and provide a free workout plan according to that information.

The website is also under a lot of heat recently by some organizations. Their criticism is that the website solely focuses on the absolute need to work off the calories in every meal. It is suggested that the users should take advice from their consultant before using this tool. A sudden change in diet and workout plan can be harmful to some people.

The government of the UK is trying to reduce the rate of obesity in the country. Even though the owners made this tool just for fun purposes but it got a lot of attention from the public.

Andy Barr is one of the people behind this website. He said that a person can gain a lot of calories in a single night out. The website provides the data about the takeaway and common meals an average person eats on a night out.

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Some people criticize this initiative saying that food should be enjoyed instead of working it off. A charity, SEED stated that this website can be damaging for a person who is suffering from an eating disorder. Such people need help with their eating habits and this tool can further walk them away from recovery.

Considering the fact that many people with eating disorders have an addiction to exercise, it can damage their health even more. Even though exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, exercise addiction can become unhealthy for some people.

It is necessary to do a workout in a maintained and healthy way. Also, the guidance of a health professional helps in considering a new exercise plan or diet.

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