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Airbnb is Imposing an International Ban on Hosting the Parties

The novel coronavirus infected millions of individuals around the globe and caused hundreds and thousands of deaths. In order to contain the outbreak, several countries implemented lockdown and urged people to maintain social distance upon the recommendations of WHO.

Recently, life started getting back to normal as the cases are reducing around the world but the danger is still there. Many experts predict that there will be a second wave of the virus if people do not follow preventive guidelines. Many people returned to partying and social meetings after the lockdown ended. This resulted in the surge of cases once again.

Airbnb is a well-known global home-sharing platform. Recently, the company announced a global party ban and any gathering or event. This announcement came under the public health reasons listing of the company.

Airbnb announced this ban through a blog post on its website. According to the post, the capacity for occupancy will be limited to 16 people at one property. This decision comes in the interest of the health of their clients.

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According to the company, all the bookings in the future will be banned from parties and other gatherings. Also, this rule will remain intact until the company states otherwise. The company also mentioned that 73% of their listings already banned parties during the coronavirus pandemic.

During the previous year, Airbnb banned party houses globally after the occupants caused some nuisance in their neighborhood.

After the coronavirus outbreak, the company deleted the event friendly option from their website as well. They also advised their clients to take the necessary precautions and adhere to the guidelines provided by the government for coronavirus prevention.

The company stated that some local governments changed their rules and regulations about events and parties. However, the rules fluctuated when the cases surged once again. The company also said that some people have been renting homes and turning them into clubs and bars for parties during the pandemic.

The company discouraged this behavior and said that they do not allow any irresponsible acts on the Airbnb platform. They also said that this is not the ethic of their business and we do not allow such activities.

Even though the company stated to impose a global party ban, this will not always work. The clients can book a house in a far fetch area and invite as many people as they want. Hence, they can not always track if people are being responsible on the platform.

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Previously, many people broke the rules provided by the house management. The parties and events also resulted in heavy damage to house property. Therefore, the company can not always impose a rule on the people using their services. Hence, this mainly depends on the client if they will act reasonably during the global crisis.

The cases in many regions are rising once again after dropping due to massive gatherings and parties. Many house parties resulted in outbreaks of the virus recently. Even though the authorities recommend small gatherings and events, many people do not adhere to the rules. Hence, the recent cases are mostly rising among younger adults.

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