Home Gardening during the Coronavirus Pandemic may be Good for Mental Health

Home gardening involves planting different vegetables or indoor and outdoor plants and many people adopt it as a hobby. This activity can calm and relax the mind while providing a healthy environment for the owner. Rose Hayden-Smith from the University of California said that many people have started home gardening during coronavirus pandemic.

A study by researchers from Princeton University shows that home gardening can improve mental health and promote emotional wellbeing. Vegetable gardening at home can increase the consumption of natural products for the owners. Also, it provides them a physical activity which helps improve the state of mind.

The recent study shows that home vegetable gardening out of the other 15 activities has the highest benefits in improving mental health. The other leisure activities including walking, biking, and other physical activities.

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Diana Martin is the Director of Communications and Marketing, Rodale Institute. She said that home gardening improves mental health for several reasons. Being around nature and doing some sort of physical activity is beneficial for health. Also, it provides a fresh outdoor environment that the owners can enjoy.

According to a study published in the Journal of Sustainability: Science, Practice, and Policy, women of color carried out most of the care work amid coronavirus pandemic. This can worsen the mental health of these communities. However, home gardening can help improve their mental wellbeing.

Dr. Ramaswami is the co-author of the study from Princeton University. She said that low-income people and women can take benefits from household gardening. She also mentioned the importance of this activity for low-income people and women. This sole activity promotes mental wellbeing in these individuals in comparison to the people who earn an adequate income.

Black Girls With Gardens is a website that provides gardening education to such women. These women of color can seek inspiration and support from this platform. This community helps black women who take an interest in home gardening.

Jasmine Jefferson is the founder of this website and believes that home gardening is a way of self-care. Jefferson said that the website became more popular during the pandemic. This shows that more black women are now taking an interest in this activity.

She also mentioned that black women and women of color face difficulties in society in terms of gardening. This is a white-dominated community and most women of color can not afford their high membership fee. These women also do not have easy access to raw materials required in gardening.

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Jefferson said that this platform enables these women to grow food by themselves. This is their resistance against inequality and racism in society.

Black women usually spend their lives in a highly stressful environment which takes a toll on their mental health. Home gardening is a beneficial and effective way to release their rage into nature. This is also a healthy way to cope with the systemic racism in society.

Household gardening not only provides a healthy environment but also provides healthy and fresh vegetables. These products can help improve the physical and mental health of the garden owners.

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