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Can Mouth Wash Help to Control Coronavirus Spread?

The coronavirus infection does not have a treatment available in the market currently. However, scientists are always looking for ways to limit coronavirus spread through preventive measures. The latest study will consist of the role of mouthwash in controlling the spread of coronavirus infection.

The review was published recently in the Function journal.

The Dentyl mouthwash will be tested in this study to see if it can kill the coronavirus. The participants in this study will be the patients of Covid-19 at Cardiff’s University Hospital, Wales. The scientists will test the mouthwash can decrease the viral load present in the saliva of these patients.

The novel coronavirus consists of a membrane composed of lipids. Various studies show that ethanol can disrupt the lipid membranes of viruses. A small content of ethanol is also present in mouthwash. According to the researchers, iodine mouthwash was effective to contain the spread of disease caused by MERS and the SARS virus. Both of these viruses have a link to the novel coronavirus.

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The study will last for 12 weeks and the only mouthwash included in this study is Dentyl. Professor David Thomas is the senior author of this study. He said that the clinical trial will help interpret the role of mouthwash in coronavirus spread.

He also said that this trial can show if the results are similar in the lab and humans. The study will indicate the effect of a particular compound on the virus present in humans.

Previously in May, scientists conducted a study to test the effect of available mouthwashes on the coronavirus. The study will be based on a review of previous studies.

Professor Valerie O’Donnell is the co-director of the Systems Immunity Research Institute of Cardiff University. She said that gargling by using mouthwash is yet not under consideration of the UK public health.

She also said that this study needs further research in the area. Also, she is hopeful that more researches will come forward after this study. This researchers will publish the study after review by the scientific community.

Previously, some researchers claimed that iodine mouthwash can control coronavirus spread in an infected person. After the claim, this research came forward.

Scientists from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain also claimed that some mouthwash containing a particular chemical can significantly kill the viruses.

The researchers conducted a trial on a small number of participants. They found that the mouthwash reduced the viral load present in the saliva of the patients.

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As the number of viral particles in the body decrease, the patient moves towards recovery. Also, it reduces the severity of symptoms and the patient recovers faster from the infection.

Most of the mouthwash available in the market do not have adequate chemical to have a virucidal effect on the coronavirus. However, iodine mouthwash can kill the viruses present in the saliva. Most of the commonly available brands such as Colgate and Listerine cannot serve this purpose.

Betadine is a brand of a mouthwash that consists of iodine. Most of the dentists use stronger mouthwash with antiseptic properties. Such brands can have the ability to contain coronavirus spread in the patients.

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