Citriodiol Based Mosquito Repellent May be Effective Against Coronavirus

The vaccine against the novel coronavirus is not yet available so scientists are looking for ways of coronavirus prevention. We require an effective method to control the spread of infection. A recent study shows that a substance commonly found in insect and mosquito repellents can potentially kill coronavirus.

The researchers from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) conducted this study. The research findings will enable other scientists to work on this study further.

Most of the insect repellent products consist of a substance called Citriodiol. This product was previously known to prevent the other strains of coronavirus. The scientists will test the efficacy of citriodiol against coronavirus strain that causes Covid-19.

The British armed forces used the insect repellents as an extra protective layer for coronavirus prevention. All of these products contained Citriodiol. Later, scientists from the British Defence conducted a study that showed the efficacy of this product.

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The manufacturing company of Citriodiol also said that the product can help against the novel coronavirus. Jacqueline Watson is the managing director at Citrefine International Ltd. She previously said in April that the government should formally test the efficacy of this product against the virus.

She said that it is highly likely that this product is effective against the coronavirus. However, we need to test it thoroughly to confirm its efficacy.

The mosquito repellent sprays are available with other protective equipment to prevent the infection. It cannot target the virus alone so the military staff uses it with their sanitizers and face masks as an extra protective layer.

Citriodiol is a plant-derived product. Eucalyptus citriodora is the tree that produces this compound. The oil from the twigs and leaves of this plant produce this compound. This compound is a component of commonly known insect repellents such as Mosi Guard.

Deet is also a compound commonly present in insect repellent but only the products containing Citriodiol are effective for coronavirus prevention. The army had the mosquito repellent available in stock so they started trying it before the results from the study came.

Citriodiol is a naturally available active ingredient already known to prevent other coronavirus strains. The scientists are not yet sure if the mosquito repellent can help more than other preventive methods.

The use of hand sanitizers containing alcohol and hand washing can help prevent coronavirus spread. However, the scientists do not know yet if the mosquito repellent will add any benefits to this practice.

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The coronavirus pandemic caused millions of infections around the world and many of them resulted in death. The scientists are constantly looking for preventive methods to contain the spread of coronavirus. Most of the countries have also lifted the restrictions despite the increase in the number of coronavirus cases.

The common ways of coronavirus prevention include social distancing, using a hand sanitizer, and washing hands frequently. Wearing a mask is also mandatory in many countries to contain coronavirus spread. However, more research using the insect repellent will show the efficacy of Citriodiol against coronavirus.

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