Vaping During Covid-19: E-cigarette Companies Found Exploiting the Pandemic

Vaping companies are always under fire for targeting young consumers. These companies usually lure the kids by stating that vaping is not as harmful as smoking. Now, these companies are exploiting the global coronavirus pandemic to sell their products.

A study regarding this issue was published recently in journal Tobacco Control.

According to the paper, these companies are promoting vaping during Covid-19 by giving away free supplies with their products. Some companies are offering face masks, toilet papers, and hand sanitizers with their product.

Dr. Robert Jackler is the author of this study. He said that these vaping companies are now exploiting a pandemic to sell their products. He also said that several companies adopted this marketing tactic. Also, they had several ways to take advantage of a global pandemic.

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The researchers also reported that many vaping companies packaged the hand sanitizers in the same containers as the vaping product. One of the companies also called their sanitizer WHO recommended.

Jackler also said that this misleading packaging can be harmful to the consumers. Many people will think that the product is for vaping and accidentally ingest the hand sanitizer. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are extremely toxic for the body and it can do serious damage upon consumption.

Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration also warned people about the hand sanitizers being sold in food packaging. The agency stated that this can lead to the accidental consumption of a toxic product. Also, it can lead to serious illness and even death. These sanitizers consist of a highly toxic alcohol.

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Some companies are also offering discounts on their products for vaping during Covid-19. These companies offer special discounts to health care workers as well. However, some people suggest that vaping during Covid-19 is an effective and safe method to release stress during a pandemic.

Jackler also said that some companies raised awareness among the consumers regarding the pandemic. Some of the ads mentioned to not to share the vape as it can lead to coronavirus transmission. However, other companies promoted vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking while completely ignoring the harmful effects.

Previously, some lawmakers suggested the removal of products for vaping during Covid-19. This is an easy source of coronavirus transmission. Several studies also suggest that vaping leads to severe illness during coronavirus pandemic.

There is enough evidence to show that cigarette smoking is extremely harmful to the lungs particularly during the pandemic. However, more evidence is required regarding e-cigarettes.

Many experts suggest that vaping companies are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to exploit vulnerable communities. They can easily lure kids into this practice through their misleading ads.

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Truth Initiative is a non-profit organization for public health. They said that the coronavirus caused many fatalities in the US. Also, Americans are fighting racial injustice in society. Meanwhile, the vaping companies are benefiting from the devastating pandemic and health crisis.

According to the experts, these companies are targeting vulnerable communities to benefit from them. Also, their misleading ads make people think that vaping during Covid-19 is not harmful to them. This can lead to spread of coronavirus infection among people who engage in this activity.

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