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Coronavirus Cases in the World Cross 25 Million

The global Covid-19 cases are increasing every day as the virus continues to spread around the world. Recently, the total coronavirus cases crossed the 25 million milestone. Several countries are trying to restrict the number of cases with more strict guidelines. However, the cases are increasing every day despite the restrictions.

Recently, the cases in India set a new record of highest Covid-19 cases reported in one day. On Sunday, the country reported 78,761 cases which is the highest number of global Covid-19 cases in a single day.

The economy of India suffered immensely during the lockdown. The government recently eased the restrictions ever more to help the crumbling economy. Later, the country reported the highest surge in cases around the world.

South Korea and New Zealand kept the virus under control in the early months of the pandemic. However, such countries are also reporting recent surges in coronavirus cases. Some countries were unable to control the virus in the first wave. These countries include the US and Brazil that reported the highest coronavirus cases.

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The coronavirus cases in Brazil are the second highest to the US. The country reported 120,000 coronavirus deaths during the pandemic. The coronavirus is still at a peak in the country with roughly 1000 death reported every day. Also, 4,000 new cases are reported every day in Brazil.

The coronavirus deaths around the world have crossed 843,000 fatalities. Also, there is still no treatment or vaccine available for the novel virus. Many countries are trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible. Several vaccines are also in their clinical trials. Meanwhile, the governments are implementing lockdown and social distancing to help contain the coronavirus.

New Zealand recently made it compulsory to wear masks during flights and public transport. New coronavirus cases are also emerging in South Korea. The highest number of coronavirus virus cases in the country reported in Seoul. Seoul is home to nearly half of the South Korean population.

Even though the global Covid-19 cases are rising every day, many people are resisting the lockdowns. Most countries suffered from an economic crisis due to shut down of businesses. Hence, several countries lifted the lockdown to return to normalcy.

Several anti-vaxxers are also running campaigns against restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, thousands of people gathered for a rally in Berlin against the restrictions. However, the police did not allow them to march due to a lack of social distancing.

Similarly, protests were recorded in other parts of the world against the restrictions implemented due to the virus. A large number of people are also against coronavirus vaccines and wearing masks in public. Conspiracy theorists are actively running campaigns during the global pandemic.

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Several sports activities and music festivals halted due to the pandemic this year. The virus prevented large gatherings due to the risk of the spread of infection. It also affected the global economy and thousands of people lost their jobs.

In this situation, the mental health of many people suffered badly. However, life is returning to normalcy for most people after an ease in lockdown. Meanwhile, the experts suggest maintaining social distancing as the pandemic is not over yet.

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