People Who Don’t Prefer to Wear Face Mask May be the Sociopaths

One of the most important preventive guidelines of coronavirus is to wear a face mask. Meanwhile, many people avoid wearing a mask in public. Also, some groups are actively protesting against this rule. A recent study shows that such people tend to show sociopathic behavior.

Sociopaths show the tendency of deceitful and manipulative behavior. These traits were also visible in those who did not comply with the preventive guidelines of coronavirus.

The study was published by researchers in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

The researchers surveyed for this study including 1600 participants from Brazil. The country is second on the list in the highest number of coronavirus cases. The Covid-19 cases in the country reached 3.8 million.

According to the researchers, such people are a public health risk. Since they do not wear a face mask in public, they can potentially spread the infection. Even though the number of cases in Brazil is increasing every day, these people do not agree to follow the guidelines.

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Previously, research conducted in Poland also showed similar research. The findings showed that such people usually showed narcissistic behavior. They also avoided following the guidelines. These people instead hoarded items during the pandemic.

The researcher asked 1,578 participants if they are following the preventive guidelines of coronavirus. The questionnaire included if these people are maintaining social distancing. Also, it inquired if they are frequently washing hands and wearing face masks in public.

The participants also took online personality tests. The results of the test classified the individuals into 2 groups. The first group was the “empathy group” which consisted of 1200 participants. These people showed an understanding of the feelings of other people. These individuals were also keen to establish some positive social relationships.

The other group consisted of 400 individuals who had the antisocial disorder. This behavior is related to being a sociopath. Such people tend to look for personal gains in their social interactions. These people also felt social detachment.

According to the study, this group of people was unlikely to follow the preventive guidelines of coronavirus. Such people refused to wear face masks in public and keep social distancing. The people in this group showed manipulative and deceitful behavior.

The people from the first group showed signs of empathy. Meanwhile, the other group tends to stray from the Covid-19 guidelines. The study also showed that these people did not take the pandemic very seriously.

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The researchers said that the traits of deceitfulness are linked to sociopathic behavior. Such people tend to not follow the rules issued by the experts. Also, these people do not follow the rules even if the cases and fatalities increase. The researchers also said that these people can cause harm to others as well as themselves during a pandemic.

Even though this study shows that such people are usually sociopaths, this is not always the case. Sometimes, there are other reasons that people avoid wearing a mask. A person might have some health issues or a disability. This, they might not follow these preventive guidelines of coronavirus.

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