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Chinese Woman to Sue Chinese Government For Concealing Coronavirus Information from Public

The coronavirus outbreak originated from Wuhan in China. The pandemic spread in the region which led to lockdown in the country. The virus spread to the whole world later on which resulted in hundreds and thousands of deaths. The coronavirus information spread rapidly in each country as the pandemic progressed.

The situation in Wuhan has not changed completely. The city is now back to normalcy after the wave of a deadly virus. Meanwhile, a citizen from Wuhan, Zhao Lei will sue the Chinese government. She demands a public apology as well as compensation from the government.

Ms. Zhao, 39 said that the Chinese government did not disclose the coronavirus information completely. She said that the people in Wuhan returned to normalcy a while ago. They also celebrated their New Year without any restrictions. The lack of protection led to the death of her father. Her father got coronavirus infection earlier this year in January.

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Zhao said that her father died to lack of emergency service. There was no ambulance available that could take her father to the hospital. The family walked for a few miles until they got some local transport. However, he could not survive in the cold weather. He died upon reaching the hospital as his respiratory system failed.

Zhao Lei said that her father was an honest man. He was a kind person and a good citizen. Her father lived his life obeying the rules. She said that her father got sick suddenly after the government implemented lockdown. Zhao is unable to accept the fact that someone died so suddenly.

Zhao expressed her anger saying that her heart broke after her father’s death. It also made her angry and sad. She said that the Chinese government did not inform the people that the virus can spread among people. The public was not aware that they can contract it from another person. She blames the government for hiding the coronavirus information. Hence, she will sue the authorities.

The coronavirus caused thousands of deaths in Wuhan. However, no one took a bold step against the government as Zhao did. They grieved their dead silently.

Zhao submitted an application to the municipal court which got rejected. The police also warned the family to drop their case. They are also being held from talking publicly about the case.

The Chinese authorities previously detained some news reporters and journalists from Wuhan. Some of these journalists have still not been released. However, Zhao Lei will take her case to the higher authorities. She is bringing her case to Hubei Supreme Court.

Zhao said that her case will help other Chinese people. It can save other people in case of another disaster. This incomplete coronavirus information led to thousands of deaths.

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The Chinese government repeatedly said during the pandemic that they are completely transparent. The government is celebrating its victory over the coronavirus pandemic.

Zhao Lei also got coronavirus infection after the death of her father. She is still suffering from the mental after-effects of the disease. Zhao is determined to bring justice to her father. She said that her father’s death will not go in vain. Also, the authorities will pay for providing incomplete coronavirus information to the public.

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