Bigger Waist in Men May Increase their Death Risk Caused by Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cause of cancer related death among men. This cancer is the second highest death causing cancer in the UK. A recent study conducted in the UK showed there is link between risk of prostate cancer death and higher circumference of waist.

The research is presented at the European and International Conference on Obesity (ECOICO) 2020. The conference is held online from 1st to 4th September 2020. The study focuses on the link between a higher risk of prostate cancer related death with waist circumference.

The study included nearly 200,000 men from the UK. Prostate cancer every one out of six men. Also, this disease is responsible for 12,000 annual deaths of men in the UK. Previously, researchers knew that body fat and prostate cancer death are linked. However, the concept was not much clear before this study.

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The recent study shows that the risk of prostate cancer does not only increase with obesity. The distribution of this fat in the body also contributes to the increased risk.

Dr. Aurora Perez-Cornago and her colleagues from the University of Oxford conducted this study. Cancer Research UK funded this study. The research targeted the concept of fat distribution in the patient’s body. The study showed its link with death due to prostate cancer.

The participants of the study did not have any type of cancer when the research started. This research included participants aged 40 to 69 years old.

The researchers recorded the health of these participants for more than 10 years. During this period, they noted the Body Mass Index (BMI) of the individuals. Also, they regularly measured their waist and the total percentage of fat in their body. The researchers measured the ratio of their waist to their hip at the time of beginning the study.

Later, the data showed that prostate cancer caused 571 deaths. According to the researchers, the risk of prostate cancer death had no clear link to the total percentage of fat. However, they found a link between the risk and deposition of fat in the waist area.

Dr. Perez-Cornago said that the study shows a prominent link between death due to prostate cancer and waist circumference. However, researchers need more evidence from other populations. This will help prove the findings even further.

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A high percentage of fat and overall BMI is harmful to health. It increases the risk of several types of cancer. Dr. Perez-Cornago mentioned that a higher BMI is not only linked to a higher risk of prostate cancer. It also causes diseases other than cancer.

The researchers will conduct further studies to find the complications in this disease due to higher fat content. Adiposity is the accumulation of fat in a certain region of the body. It not only increases the risk of various cancers but also other diseases.

The experts recommend maintaining BMI to a normal level to avoid any disease complications. It also lowers the risk of death due to prostate cancer as shown in this study.

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