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Coronavirus Vaccine Update: Widespread Covid-19 Shots May Not be Available Before 2021

Many countries are desperately trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine. A vaccine is necessary to control pandemic since no other treatment is available. People are also waiting for coronavirus vaccine updates from the WHO. However, it seems like the vaccine will not be available this year.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is keeping a close check on the safety of all vaccines in clinical trials. Recently, a spokesperson from the organization gave a coronavirus vaccine update. She said that the vaccine against the novel virus will not be available for widespread administration before the middle of next year.

The WHO stresses the importance of testing the safety and efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine. Many experts suggest that the safety of the vaccine should not be ignored amid the hurry to develop a vaccine.

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Margaret Harris, the spokesperson from WHO said that the vaccines in the clinical trials did not show adequate efficacy against the virus. The least level of efficacy determined by the WHO is 50%. However, none of the vaccines proved this level of effectiveness in the advanced trials.

Recently, Russia approved a vaccine for coronavirus after testing it for only two months. The experts raised questions if the vaccine proved effective and safe to use in a short period.

The public health officials of the US and Pfizer released a coronavirus vaccine update recently. They said that the vaccine against the virus will become until this year by the end of October. This period is right before the elections in the US. The voters will also decide if Trump will become president again based on his performance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Harris said that the WHO does not expect widespread vaccination before the middle of 2021.

She also said the phase 3 of the vaccine trials is extremely crucial. This will also be more time taking. The experts will determine the efficacy and safety of the candidate vaccines in this phase. This phase also includes a larger number of participants. Hence, the researchers will be able to test the vaccines on a larger population.

Harris also said that they need a comparison between the data from all of the trials. She added that several participants received a vaccine against the coronavirus. However, they are not yet sure about the safety and efficacy of a particular candidate vaccine.

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COVAX is a global plan for vaccine allocation. This plan is run by the alliance of GAVI and the WHO. This plan aims to distribute the coronavirus vaccine shots among the people on a fair basis. Also, this plan will provide the vaccine to high-risk candidates at first. One of the main focus of the plan is the health care workers who are at a higher risk of coronavirus infection.

COVAX also aims to deliver a huge number of shots within the next year. They will procure 2 billion coronavirus vaccine doses before the end of next year. However, some countries will already have access to the approved vaccine once it becomes available. The US will also not obtain the vaccine from COVAX. They will secure their supply of vaccine through bilateral deals.

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