Anxiety During Covid-19: Another Major Problem Apart from the Virus

Mental health problems have become more common during the coronavirus pandemic. The disease took a toll on the physical and mental health of thousands of individuals. Anxiety is the most frequently reported mental health condition.

Anxiety during Covid-19 increased among people due to the sudden changes in their lifestyle. It is not just your everyday feeling of stress. Anxiety is much more than worrying over tiny things. The person suffering from this condition faces difficulty n living their everyday life. They mainly overthink about every situation and constantly worry about everything.

Anxiety leads to multiple problems in the lifestyle. The constant worrying disrupts the sleep pattern and the person feels tired all the time. It also causes a feeling of depression and an inability to focus on everyday tasks.

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This condition does not only affect the mind but also the rest of the body. Many people suffer from an increased heartbeat and cold sweats during anxiety. It also causes a feeling of sickness and nausea. Diarrhea and dizziness are also common symptoms of anxiety.

The coronavirus pandemic led to sudden changes in the life of everyone. This caused a feeling of stress among people as life stopped during the lockdown. Many people lost their jobs financial stability due to the pandemic. This led to anxiety during Covid-19 in many people.

Many factors can trigger anxiety which includes the fear of contracting coronavirus infection. As the disease spreads from person to person, many people fear of infecting people around them. There is also a lot of worry among people about life after a pandemic.

Anxiety UK is a charity that helps people with anxiety disorders. The helpline of the charity flooded with calls after the ease in coronavirus lockdown. Many people call for help due to more complicated problems than before lockdown.

The rise in the number of anxiety cases shows that social distancing had a huge impact on the mental health of people. Staying away from friends and family took a toll on mental health. Also, the crisis during the pandemic led to increased cases of mental health disorders.

Even though people from all age groups suffer from anxiety, individuals from ages 10 to 24 years old are at a higher risk. Since the kids are out of school for months, they are unable to connect with their friends. Also, these kids are unable to do their regular extracurricular activities.

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Anxiety is the second major death cause in the individuals of this age group. The abrupt change in lifestyle can have a heavy impact on them. Many people do not get help due to the stigma attached to mental health issues. In such a case, parents and friends can talk to the people around them.

There are several support groups and resources that help with such matters. Anxiety during Covid-19 has become a common issue. Many experts also predicted a wave of depression and mental health illness after coronavirus lockdown.

Social distancing forced people to stay away from their friends and family during the pandemic. This situation can worsen the problem for those who are already suffering from a mental health disorder.

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