Celebrities are Rocking Face Masks as Fashion Accessories

Face masks are now normalized due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, many celebrities are using bedazzled face masks that can go with their outfits. A recent demonstration was at the Venice Film Festival. Tilda Swinton was seen supporting a gold face mask at the event. The mask did not look anything less than a piece of statement jewelry.

Even though these face masks can make look one fashion-forward, such covering does not provide complete protection. Lady Gaga is another A-list celebrity recently seen wearing an accessory face mask. Her covering was bold and made a statement according to her personality. However, Lady Gaga often wore face-covering even before the pandemic started.

Many celebrities are now embracing this protective equipment as a fashion accessory. Previously, Lana Del Rey wore a powder pink colored mesh face mask. Her picture was on the front cover of the September issue of Interview Magazine. It looked delicate and went beautifully with her outfit.

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Previously, people criticized the fancy masks at the beginning of the pandemic. However, it seems now that these coverings have become a necessity. Also, the demand for more colorful and bold designer masks increased over the past couple of months.

At the Grammy’s event back in January, Billie Eilish supported a Gucci mask with gold and black detailing. These face masks have now become more popular since the coronavirus does not seem to vanish any time soon. Everyday, more celebrities appear wearing a fashion accessory in the form of a mask.

Many fashion brands are now catering to the high demand for fashionable face coverings. Most of the celebrities wear these fancy masks these days. Hence, this new trend is becoming popular quickly.

Etsy, the e-commerce site sold nearly 12 million faces covering alone in April. The demand for fancy face coverings is increasing by the day. However, other big companies such as Prada produced medical face masks to cater to the needs of health professionals during the pandemic.

Burberry is another big name to announce a wide range of face coverings launching soon. Most of the creative people in the fashion industry are taking advantage of this opportunity. The pandemic has opened new doors of business for them as people are willing to spend on an everyday accessory.

Experts have tested various face covering to test their ability for protection against the coronavirus. Most of the layered fabrics can provide adequate protection against the novel coronavirus. However, some bold and statement masks can not do the job completely.

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The most commonly used covering is a surgical face mask. These masks also became short in supply at the beginning of the pandemic. Ever since many companies started bulk production of the face masks to fulfill the market demand.

Even though there is a fair demand for surgical masks, many people are now leaning towards the designer and colorful masks. People look for a covering that can go with their everyday outfit. This shows that the face masks are becoming normal in society. Also, it is now essential to wear a covering to protect oneself from the novel coronavirus.

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