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California wildfire: Climate Change is Getting Worse by the Day

The movement to address climate change was highly active past year. However, it has burnt out this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the world is still suffering from extreme climate conditions.

The climate crisis is still going on even though there is not much debate about it right now. The recent wildfires in California show that the problem is still there. The sky appears red due to the blazing flames and smoke from burning forests. A huge region of the US is suffering from the effects of the fire.

California is not experiencing a forest fire for the first time. However, this time it is more aggressive and it has turned around the environment completely. The US saw the largest forest fires over the past couple of years. This shows that climate change is only becoming worse at this point.

The man-made products have deeply damaged our environment. The waste products ruined the atmosphere around us for many years. Meanwhile, the frequent forest fires are a sign that climate change is getting worse than what we thought.

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The climate crisis involves aggressive fires in the western US, massive floods and storms, and warmer weather. The world is seeing the melting of massive ice caps and glaciers, the worst health crisis in history, and water depletion which are signs of change in our climate.

The experts warned about these changes for decades. However, the signs of the disaster are more evident now. This year, California recorded the hottest August in its history. Also, Death Valley had the highest temperature this year. The wildfires in the region are becoming more aggressive in an already hot climate.

Climate change mainly occurs due to global warming which is a fruit of several human activities. The world observed even more melting of glaciers and snowpacks over this decade. Also, the summer has generally become drier and even hotter.

Many regions of the US are also struggling with drought due to the hot summer. Droughts heavily damaged forests over the past years. Millions of plants and trees dried out which led to even more massive wildfires. However, this impact of global warming is not only in the US but all over the world.

Europe, Australia, Canada, and Africa are also struggling with wildfires this season. Also, the water level is rising and the glaciers are melting even faster due to rapid change in the climate.

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Even though the problem of climate change is as real as it could be, many world leaders choose to not talk about it. Also, there is not as much awareness in public as it is required. People still dispose of their waste without proper recycling. These issues need proper education among the general public.

The change in weather and climate is unavoidable now. The extreme changes in the atmosphere show the worsening condition of the planet. Soon, the planet will not be able to sustain itself as we keep destroying nature. This issue needs to be addressed on a massive scale so that we do not waste more time.

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