Public Healthcare System in the US is Falling Apart. Read Why:

The coronavirus pandemic caused infection in millions of individuals around the world. Later, many countries implemented lockdown to prevent the spread of the novel virus. Meanwhile, it also led to many people losing their jobs and effected the economy.

One of the countries still struggling with the first wave of the pandemic is the US. The public healthcare system is also suffering due to the increasing number of cases in the US. There are also increasing issues of mental health problems.

A US organization, The Commonwealth Fund released a report on the health care system in the country. The report highlighted several flaws and problems with the basic health facilities in the US.

The report shows that the people of color and minority communities are the ones suffering more. They do not have access to health facilities like white people do in the community. Also, many people in these minority communities do not have health insurance as compared to white communities.

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The Commonwealth Fund considered the data provided by US organizations including the CDC, US Census Bureau as well as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

According to the report, the lives of US residents have become shorter over the past years. Their life span became shorter since 2014. Also, black people have twice the risk of death from a treatable disease as compared to white people.

The report showed the risk of death among black people is higher due to health conditions that include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and even appendicitis. Most of the early deaths of Black people reported in Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

The report also showed the generally the death rate among the people in the US is increasing. Also, most of the people die from health conditions that have a treatment available.

The report also mentioned that health insurance is becoming expensive and everyone can not afford it. The healthcare system does not provide enough coverage to people due to which the health of people is degraded.

The cost of basic health facilities prevents many people to go for it. Also, people are going through a downfall in the economy which makes it even more difficult to afford it. The rise in unemployment in the country worsened the health conditions for people.

Public healthcare in the system lacks basic facilities to ensure the health of people. The coronavirus pandemic hit the country hard and put immense pressure on the health system of the US. Meanwhile, many people were unable to afford the health facilities. This led to even more trouble during a global pandemic.

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The report suggests that the US was not well prepared to fight the coronavirus pandemic in terms of its public health care system. The system has some major deficiencies which led to several serious issues during the pandemic. The coronavirus outbreak also highlighted the problems within this system.

This report also shows that these facilities are not the same as everyone. There is an uneven trend of uninsured people among the black and minority communities. The experts also expect that more people will become uninsured if the coronavirus lingers for more time in the country.

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