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New Apple Watch Likely to Include These Brand-New Health Features

Apple recently announced another launch titled “Time Flies”. Many people suspect that Apple will release a new apple watch with some new and interesting health features.

Apple usually includes useful health features for its consumers. Some interesting aspects of Apple devices include heart rate monitoring and general everyday activity track of the person.

The company is dominating the market for several years due to its innovative products. However, the new Apple Watch is not expected to have any mind-blowing breakthrough features such as tracking the blood pressure.

Even though these features are not yet scientifically possible, Apple might put out some new aspects to lure the buyers. Apple has competed with Google and Amazon in terms of innovation.

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There is a huge market available waiting for more innovation and ease in tracking devices. Many people are looking forward to new technology to make their life easier.

Jay Blahnik works at Apple and he is a consultant and a fitness trainer. Blahnik will probably come up with innovative ideas for the new Apple watch.

The coronavirus pandemic caused a lockdown in most of the countries around the world. People could not go to their gym and had to do their workouts at home. Some were good at it while others were not.

Apple might introduce personal training programs for people with particular medical conditions. Many people can benefit from this feature and there is a huge demand for it.

Another new feature expected from the new Apple watch is the oxygen sensor. This pulse oximeter will detect the oxygen level of the person. This new feature can warn people about their dropping levels of oxygen in the body.

The oxygen level in blood is extremely critical. This watch can notify people before the oxygen level becomes low to a dangerous level. Also, it can prevent some heart conditions as the person will be continuously aware of his health.

Apple will probably release this new feature with its health study. The company usually supports its claims with a health study in collaboration with an institute. Previously, they collaborate with Stanford for their Apple Heart Study. The study showed the ability of the Apple watch to detect arterial fibrillation.

The previous two versions of their watch consist of an electrocardiogram sensing device. The watch delivers information about the heart rhythm of the consumer. Apple wants to expand its consumers into a bigger market. The new device will probably consist of features useful for a normal person.

The company can also take the opportunity of the pandemic and introduce a feature to help coronavirus patients. The oxygen sensor can detect the blood oxygen levels and the healthcare professional can monitor the progress from a distance.

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The new Apple watch will also need the approval of health experts to prove that it works positively. Otherwise, the device can also spur unnecessary panic among the consumers due to slight fluctuations.

The analysts are looking forward to the new launch to see the innovations that the company comes up with. People in the medical field are also keen to see the new features related to health in the latest devices.

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