The US Wildfires: We Are Unaware of the Health After Effects

The US wildfires are one of the worst forest fires over the years. Long term burning of forests leads to polluted air full of chemicals and ash that can lead to health problems. It is particularly harmful to the respiratory system. The air we are breathing is poor quality due to these wildfires.

Some regions of Oregon are experiencing the worst quality of air around the world. The forests are burning constantly in the state. The health experts can tell the immediate effect of this poor-quality air on our health. However, they do not know what this air can do to our bodies in the future.

The condition of the atmosphere is only getting worse with time. People are trying to avoid going out as the air looks toxic. The streets and outdoor public places look isolated since people are cooped up inside their homes.

The health official also reported a spike in respiratory health-related patients in hospitals. People with asthma are pouring inside hospitals since the air quality became so toxic. The US wildfire is particularly dangerous for those who already suffer from breathing and asthma-related conditions.

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Dr. Jennifer Vines is the health officer of Multnomah County. She said the asthma patients are increasing in the emergency room. Every day at least 50 more patients of asthma visit the hospital due to their condition.

Even though people can see the effect of the wildfire right now, they are unsure of the future effects of the toxic smoke. Perry Hystad is the associate professor from Oregon State University. Hystad studies the impacts of wildfire smoke. He said that the scientists studied the after-effects of this smoke on health after several weeks.

He also mentioned that the researchers look at the impact of toxic air o people in terms of their health in countries with poor quality air. These areas include China and India where the air quality becomes toxic from time to time.

According to Hystad, researchers do not know the impact of poor air quality on health for exposure of nearly a week when people are normally used to good quality air. This could be because wildfires do not last for such a long period.

These wildfires usually die out within some days and the air quality becomes fine. However, this time around, Oregon is facing severe toxicity in the air due to more than a week-long burning of the forest.

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He also said that the current situation shows that the US wildfires will now become a normal thing due to climate change. Therefore, scientists need to study the effects of smoke on health in the long term.

Hystad said that the wildfires occurred frequently over this year and the past year. It is about time that people start talking about ways to save themselves from the wildfire smoke. Also, we need more research to see the effects of wildfire smoke on human health. Sine these US wildfires are becoming common, we need to discuss ways of reducing daily exposure.

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