Some Heated Debate Issues About the Novel Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus spread around the world at the beginning of this year and still spreading ever since. Since, the virus causes a new disease, Covid-19, many people have their conspiracies and thoughts about it. We only have some limited information about the disease. Therefore, most people are divided into groups based on what they believe about the virus.

One of the most heated debate topics during the pandemic is to whether wear a mask or not. The community has some strong opinions on this matter. Some people believe that masks are essential during such time to limit the spread of disease. Meanwhile, some groups are running campaigns against wearing face masks.

Another debate of this time is how the novel coronavirus spreads among people. The public is also biased on the fact if the government should reopen business and return to normalcy or impose further lockdown.

Isaac Bogoch is an associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. He has a specialization in infectious diseases and epidemiology. He is in favor of heated and strong debates among the public and the scientific community as well due to Covid-19.

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Bogoch said that some people make informed arguments and debates around this topic. On the other hand, some people straight up believe in conspiracy theories ad quote baseless arguments. The nuance is an essential part of the debate for the facts to come forward during this time of crisis.

He also mentioned why this nuance should exist in the debates. The coronavirus pandemic can become politicized if people pick one side of the argument and adhere to it. Even though most people just argue upon the facts that favor them, it is important to have some sort of discord in the community.

The novel coronavirus hit a hard blow to the global economy and the healthcare system. Both of these pillars suffered due to the disease. Some people argue that preventive measures are restricting economic growth. However, the economy will suffer even more if the coronavirus keeps spreading.

The healthcare system and the economy are interlinked together. One can not thrive without the other. Hence, it is important to save both of these aspects to help more people. However, a major issue the coronavirus pandemic caused is the high unemployment rate among the public.

Another heated debate is on the fact of how coronavirus spreads among people. Some groups believe that it is an airborne disease. Meanwhile, others believe that it can only spread through respiratory droplets of infected people.

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Bogoch said that the public has some strong opinions on this fact. Meanwhile, scientists are not completely sure how the virus transmits. It can combine both of these factors in spreading the disease. There is a strong possibility that it is an airborne infection. However, there is enough evidence to prove that the virus spreads through respiratory droplets.

Lastly, the most heated debate of all is if people should wear a face mask or not. Masks can help limit the spread of various diseases including Covid-19. Even though masks provide some level of protection, it is not enough. We need another method to end the pandemic such as a vaccine or a treatment. Meanwhile, the novel coronavirus will keep spreading without the presence of immunity among people.

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