Drug Addiction: Crime or Health Condition?

Drug addiction is still a taboo in many cultures and people avoid talking about such issues. Consequently, people do not get the treatment they need to get out of substance abuse. The American Medical Association classifies addiction as a health condition. However, some states still consider it a crime.

One such states are Oregon with a surge in deaths due to drug addiction. Addiction has multiple negative effects on the health of a person. It leads to fatigue, lack of motivation, and the tendency to live a meaningless life. People with habits of substance abuse and other disorders tend to have poor physical and mental health.

Addiction not only makes the patient suffer but also their friends and family. They witness their loved ones going through a hopeless life. Usually, people lose the battle and give up on life leaving their families alone behind.

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The authorities in Oregon do not tend to help people with addiction and substance abuse problems. They usually take the person to jail and charge them for the possession of any drug. On the contrary, they should connect these people with facilities that can help them get over their addiction and live a better life.

Jailing people for having any drug in possession does not seem to help them at all. Most of these people tend to overdose on drugs whenever they get the chance. Also, this forced detox is inhumane and cruel at so many levels. This does not serve as a treatment for substance abuse and people usually go back to their old habits once released.

An effective treatment would be therapy targeted to this particular issue. People can also connect with other people with a history of addiction and substance use.

Many patients from Oregon want to change and get help. However, there are not many resources available in the state that can help them with recovery. They have to wait for weeks or even months and usually it is too late to get help.

Some people give up on their lives waiting for their turn to get help from a resource. The state needs more facilities to save these lives and create a better living environment for them. They also need measures that give them easy access to all of these facilities.

People usually do not get adequate drug treatment in Oregon. The death rate due to drug addiction is also alarming in this state. This highlights the need for proper health care institutes designated to help people with different sorts of addiction.

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The interference of police in such matters should also be reduced. Many people are afraid to talk about their addiction out of fear of getting arrested and jailed. They need a safe environment where they can open up about their issues with addiction and substance use.

Some organizations are working to gather resources to provide medical resources to these individuals. This approach also needs support from higher authorities so that people can benefit from it on a larger scale. Meanwhile, the authorities should stop treating addiction patients as criminals when they only need help to get better.

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