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Snapchat Video Almost Got a Woman Killed on Motorway

Who doesn’t want to post a perfect Snapchat video? People do all kinds of things to get a perfect shot. It can either be climbing the top of a building or a mountain. However, this time a woman almost died on the highway while trying to record the perfect video for her Snapchat.

The police reported that a woman from Britain stumbled and fell out of the car window while recording the snap. She had the passenger’s seat rolled down while shooting the video. The highway was also fully loaded at that time and she fell into a running lane of traffic.

The police also said that the woman only survived by chance. There is a high possibility that she could die or get severely injured during the incident. The incident took place at M25 motorway near London. The Surrey Police shared the photo on Twitter showing her open passenger window from where she fell. The police wrote in the tweet that it was her sheer luck that she survived.

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The incident took place on 19th September at 1:30 in the night. Her Snapchat video is circulating around the UK. The video featured in several tabloids and made a few headlines as well. The video shows that woman in the car leaning outside her window. She could be seen in the video wearing a bra and take a shot of herself in the high speed car.

The paramedic staff reached the site of the incident after reports. The provided first aid to the woman and treated her at the spot. However, she was extremely lucky and did not get any serious injuries. She will recover soon as she does not have any life threatening injuries from falling on the motorway.

There was a huge public outrage when the police tweeted about that incident. Many people on Twitter demanded to arrest the young lady for her doings. People said that she was a danger to her own life and others as well. A person tweeted that she should learn a lesson from this accident. However, the police responded saying that she learned her own lesson that night.

Selfies and perfect shots take several lives every year around the world. According to a report, nearly 259 people from different countries lost their lives from 2011 to 2017. The data got published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care.

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The countries with the highest death rate due to such incidents include India, Russia, the US, and then Pakistan respectively. Most of the people who die in these accidents are young males below 30 years of age. Males account for 72 percent of incidents related to death during taking a perfect shot for their social media.

A similar incident happened last year in India. A family consisting of four individuals drowned and died after falling into the water at a dam. The family was trying to capture a perfect selfie when they slipped into the deep water. A perfect selfie costed the life of an entire family last year.

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