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Chrissy Teigen Hospitalized During High-Risk Pregnancy

Chrissy Teigen recently took to Instagram to talk about a heartbreaking experience during her third pregnancy. The model updated her fans via her social media after news of Chrissy Teigen hospitalized made rounds all over the internet.

Chrissy spent a whole day in the hospital without any update. However, she recently informed about her weeks’ long bed rest. Chrissy also mentioned that it is highly stressful as she can only leave her bed for a bathroom break. She also opened up about her heavy bleeding over the past weeks.

The Instagram sensation and model said that she only takes bath and can not shower during this time. She has been pregnant for a long time now and her bleeding won’t stop. Chrissy also mentioned that it is not like a period where she bleeds heavily but it is also not normal. Also, she experienced it for nearly a month until she had to visit the hospital.

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Chrissy mentioned that she experienced bleeding quite often but recently it became heavier than usual. She also said that her pregnancy puts her in a better mood. Hence, she can not experience this due to stress as she is normally happy during pregnancy.

The model said that it is difficult for her to accept this situation. The post mentioned that Chrissy Teigen hospitalized due to her weak placenta. However, she said that her baby is strong and healthy.

Previously, Chrissy had two children with her husband, Luna, and Miles. She said that her third baby has more strength than either of her other two children. The baby also shows movement and growing well and healthy.

Later, Chrissy discussed the importance of blood donation on the Instagram story. She said that people like her can benefit from blood donations. Chrissy got her blood transfusion due to the continuous loss of blood. She shared her progress on her Instagram account as she went for another blood transfusion.

Chrissy also discussed her situation on her Twitter account. She discussed her experience when she was waiting to hear the heartbeat of her child. The mother to be said that the wait felt too long for her in the morning she was in the hospital.

Chrissy Teigen updated from the hospital saying that she and her baby are fine and healthy. However, she misses are daily life with her family and the usual everyday activities. Chrissy also has her husband with her during her stay at the hospital.

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The model has her third pregnancy and she has to face some complications this time. She also suffered from heavy bleeding as her placenta is weak. However, the baby is still healthy and doing fine. She reassured that her baby is safe and she is doing fine as well.

Many fans talked about their experiences during pregnancy on her tweet. Some people also advised her to stay in bed and take as much rest as possible. Chrissy Teigen hospitalized after a horrible episode of blood loss recently. However, the model keeps updating her fans via her social media now and then.

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