What is the Truth About Safety of 5G Networks?

Many conspiracies circulate the health risks caused due to 5G networks. People are concerned due to the advancements in technology and its side effects. However, scientists usually give a different opinion on the effects of new technology.

5G networks gained popularity quickly due to the multitude of benefits that come with it. It provides multiple benefits such as advancement in health technology and virtual reality. It also enables people to enjoy high-speed internet and a greater amount of wireless data.

5G networks utilize high frequencies to provide the user with a better experience than other networks. However, a drawback to using these high frequencies is that they can not travel to as much distance as other normal frequencies.

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The frequency of this network can not pass through tall buildings. The solution to this problem is to use more antennae to cover all of the consumers. People are skeptical about the increased number of antennae around them. Their placement will be in common places such as streetlights. People show concern that this will increase their exposure to radio waves.

Most people already talk about the antennae placed on buildings for other networks. Meanwhile, the antennae for 5G networks will be even more close to people and closely emit radio waves. But radio waves emitted from devices other than mobile phones as well. Wi-Fi, radio, and TV can also lead to exposure to radio waves.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), these wireless networks can not cause any health side effects on humans. The organization states that research shows these radio waves can not cause harm to human health. Meanwhile, most of the researchers considered networks other than 5G in their study.

Even though research shows no major risks associated with this advanced technology, the WHO recommends people to use hands-free. Several concerns arise that mobile phone usage close to the brain for a long period can lead to cancer. Hence, scientists suggest keeping the phone at distance from the head.

Radio waves can heat the tissues of the body upon exposure. However, WHO suggests that the temperature rise is negligible in the case of radio waves coming from a device like a mobile phone. They also mention that the radio waves do not damage the body tissues at this amount of exposure. Hence, 5G networks are safe and do not pose serious health risks.

As these devices and networks become more common, the exposure of humans to these waves will increase. There is no solid evidence about the long term effects of these high-frequency waves. Many people still speculate that these waves can damage the body organs upon prolonged exposure.

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There are mixed opinions in the scientific community about the 5G networks. Most of the scientists suggest that this exposure is safe for humans. However, with time the devices will increase and people will try to achieve a higher frequency for better speed. This will in turn pose a serious risk to the health of people.

Advancement in technology also leads to some side effects on nature. People gradually learn to live with advanced devices and ignore the risks that these technologies might carry towards human health.

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