Can Processed Food Cause Cancer? Here’s What Research Says

Processed food products contain several additives for various purposes. According to researchers, these additives can lead to numerous health conditions. This mainly includes cancer, heart disease, and diabetes type 2 disease.

These ultra-processed foods consist of additives in the form of artificial sweeteners, emulsifiers, and colors. Some companies also use artificial flavoring to enhance the aroma of the product. According to experts, nearly 8kg of these additives are consumed every year in the UK. The data is provided by NutriNet-Santé conducting a study on different diets that affect health.

The study involves 500,000 participants that provide information about their diet. The research recently revealed that Europe approved the use of another 330 additives to add in different processed food products. Meanwhile, most of these products can lead to severe health conditions in people.

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Dr. Bernard Srour is one of the project leaders at NutriNet-Santé. Dr. Srour is an epidemiologist from the Institute of Health and Medical Research, France. He said that the food manufacturing companies look at studies conducted on lab animals. However, these studies show that particular food is safe for that animal which is not exactly the case for humans.

Humans consume these processed food products over and over again for many years. This leads to exposure for a long time which has adverse health effects. However, many companies replaced natural sugar in their products with artificial sweeteners and marketed it as a safer option. Meanwhile, these sweeteners have side effects as well and such products can cause health issues.

Even a single food product usually contains several additives. The digestive system struggles to break down these products present in an amalgam. This can cause inflammation in organs of the body.

The study conducted for over 10 years shows that consuming these additives increases the risk of heart disease. It also causes an increase in the risk of stroke among people who intake these ultra-processed food products.

Dr. Scott Murray is a cardiologist at the Wirral University Teaching Hospital, Liverpool. Dr. Scott was also the president of the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation. According to Dr. Scott, this inflammation can lead to heart disease and other health conditions as well.

These additives interfere with the regulation process of the body by causing inflammation. This in turn can lead to a heart attack or even a stroke. There are some studies that also suggest that food additives can lead to cancer in lab animals. However, there is not much evidence found in humans.

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Processed food is commonly available in every market these days and an alternative to organic food in a busy life. People usually go for such products as they are easily accessible and sometimes cheap as well. Meanwhiel, a moderate intake of such products might help the body break them down and regulate the normal process of the body.

In the case of excessive intake, additives can lead to a multitude of health problems mainly including heart disease. Meanwhile, there is not enough evidence that these artificial products can lead to cancer. However, looking at lab studies, prolonged exposure to these chemicals can cause cancer as well.

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