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Nearly 9,000 New Coronavirus Cases in Israel Reported in One Day

Coronavirus cases in Israel are on the surge in recent days. The novel virus caused 8,919 new infections breaking the previous records of cases. The record-breaking numbers came forward on Wednesday while the country is still struggling with the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ministry of Health in Israel reported this shocking figure of coronavirus cases after 8,315 new cases were reported last week. Coronavirus cases in Israel reached 248,130 infections during the pandemic, according to the data provided by Johns Hopkins University. The virus that originated from China also caused 1,570 deaths in Israel over the past months.

The country is currently trying to contain the outbreak of coronavirus in Israel. The government officials of Israel decided to shut down the country in overnight voting. This will cause further restrictions and a strict lockdown to prevent a further surge in Covid-19 infections.

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The government officials also decided to shut down Ben Gurion Airport due to the ongoing crisis. Ben Gurion is an international airport situated nearly 28 miles away from Jerusalem. According to the officials, the airport will remain closed for at least 14 days and no flights will leave or reach this airport.

Officials implemented a strict lockdown in the country to limit the record breaking number or coronavirus cases in Israel. People cannot gather in groups of more than 20 individuals in an outdoor location during the crisis. These rules will also affect the upcoming Jewish festival. Sukkot will start from Friday and continue for the next week.

The new rules also state that people can not travel for more than one mile from their homes now. Also, they can not go to shops that fall further from this distance. However, they can request special permission if their required item or service is unavailable in their locality.

Many countries were successful in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic and only a few cases reported every day. However, the coronavirus is still at its peak in some countries around the globe. These countries mainly include India, Israel, and the US that report new coronavirus cases every day.

The coronavirus pandemic infected millions of individuals around the world and still spreading after several months. The virus outbreak started in Wuhan, China at the end of last year. The upcoming fall season might prove to be a major time of crisis in different countries.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends maintaining proper hygiene during the coronavirus pandemic. Also, social distancing and wearing masks is important to prevent further spread of the virus. The virus also caused a major downfall in the economy which led many countries to lift the restrictions and reopen the business.

The recent surge in coronavirus cases in Israel led them to impose a strict lockdown during the festival. The restrictions will continue until 14 October depending on the situation of new cases reported. The next week will prove crucial for the country as people gather to celebrate a week long festival. However, the government restricted people to travel long distances and stay within one mile radius of their homes.

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