New Innovations for Elderly Healthcare on this Older Person’s Day

Elderly healthcare is important in any community to prevent a decline in the older people population. The International Older Person’s Day occurs on the 1st of October every year. This time, the UN launched a decade of healthy aging plan that involves innovation to promote better aging for the elderly. According to this plan, the older population will exceed the 10-year-old children’s number by the end of this decade.

Over the past decades, the health of people declined significantly and the average of people shortened. This plan targets to elongate the lifespan by decreasing the incidence of disease. People tend to get health issues and become rather inactive in the late years of life.

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The European health care system bears great stress due to the healthcare of elderly people. The system suffers a great loss to the economy due to extensive and long term care of these individuals. This new program starting from this year will extend until 2030 and provide care to the European elder people.

Europe is not trying to address some common health issues in the elderly population on this Older Person’s Day. The elderly healthcare plan by the European Commission will publish next year. It consists of strategies that will help this population through “Green Paper on Ageing”.

EIT health considers healthy aging as an integral part of its goal to help promote elderly health. This will also help the European economy as the health of older people will improve over time. EIT Health is a European health innovation network. Jan Philipp-Beck is the CEO at the EIT Health.

Jan said that the 65-year-old individuals comprise one-fifth of the total European population. However, this population will increase to one third by 2070. He also mentioned that the European individuals live for another 18 to 21 years after hitting the 65 age mark. However, these people suffer half of this time from serious health conditions.

The decline in the health of the elderly has a huge impact on the health care system and society. The European older citizens suffer from several health conditions in the later years of their life. Hence, there is a need for further innovations in the elderly healthcare system and better services to help these people live a healthier life.

EIT health also stresses involving the older people in society and their active participation. The digital can help these people reconnect with family and friends via different mobile apps. This can help these individuals update others on their health situation so they can get better services.

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The coronavirus pandemic also sheds light on the importance of digital ways of communication. These applications became more frequently used during the ongoing pandemic. This can also help enhance the involvement of elderly people in the digital world. Therefore, they can become more familiar with the technology innovation that will help improve their health.

Elderly healthcare is important to sustain the health system and the economy as well. This plan over the next decade will also help improve the quality of these individuals and also increase their life expectancy.

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