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Donald Trump Health Profile Put Him at Risk of Severe Coronavirus Infection

Recently, US President Donald Trump tweeted that he contracted the coronavirus infection. Now the question arises that how bad can it get?

Many factors play a key role in a severe infection of coronavirus including obesity. Trump has a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30 at an age of 74 years. This means that he is already obese which puts him at risk of severe outcomes due to the virus.

Currently, he is only suffering from mild symptoms of infections. However, data shows that many people need to get hospital treatment at this age. Also, the higher number of deaths reported due to coronavirus among this age group. However, people at this age also recover from the virus.

According to the data from coronavirus patients all over the world, most of the children and young people do not suffer from severe infection. Meanwhile, people over the age of 75 years are at high risk of death due to the virus. The data shows that one out of 25 individuals in this age group die due to the coronavirus.

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The risk increase in people above the age of 85 years to one in 7 individuals. Also, people above 90 years old are at risk of one in 4 deaths due to coronavirus infection.

According to Public Health England, obesity can lead to hospitalization of the patient and also death in some cases. Severe coronavirus infection occurs due to excessive inflammation in the body. The fat cells contribute to this inflammation by influencing the immune response. This leads to an increased inflammation which proves deadly.

Obesity can also cause several health problems including heart disease and diabetes type 2. These underlying health conditions are also important risk factors of coronavirus infection.

In the initial months of the coronavirus pandemic, more deaths occurred among males as compared to females. Data shows that 60% of deaths in the UK due to Covid-19 occurred among males.

The coronavirus infection affects every person differently due to their particular immune response. The overall health of the person plays an important role in determining the severity of the infection. More deaths were reported due to the virus among males due to several factors. Some experts speculate that it could be due to poor hygiene and health.

The coronavirus infection will have a different impact on Donald Trump as he has access to the best healthcare services. The general public can have different outcomes while getting treatment due to the quality of healthcare as well.

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The general data of the viral infection suggests that the president might have a severe infection. However, the outcomes can differ from person to person. Also, he does not suffer from serious symptoms of the virus and only has a mild infection.

The coming days will reveal the situation of coronavirus for the US President. Meanwhile, his health seems stable and it is unlikely that he suffers from severe infection. With the best services of health care, he might recover sooner than expected. Also, with the elections approaching. Trump will be more considerate towards his health than before.

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