Healthy Lungs Become Rare Due to Air Pollution in India

Air pollution is a huge problem in India with one of the leading polluted cities in the world. A surgeon from New Delhi hospital talked about the prevalence of unhealthy lungs in India over recent years. The doctor said that he operated nearly 600 patients annually. These patients suffer from different lung diseases including lung cancer and tuberculosis.

Pollution in the air has a negative impact on not only the lungs of the person but other vital organs as well. This includes the brain, kidneys, urinary bladder, pancreas, heart, and blood vessels. Air pollution affects the reproductive system of the body as well. This pollution can even impact an unborn child.

Studies show that exposure to pollution for pregnant women in extremely toxic for the baby. The toxic particles from the polluted air found in the placenta show the impact of poor air quality. There are multiple side effects of pollution on the baby including decreased weight at birth, premature birth, congenital defects, and a higher risk of fetal death.

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The babies born in the presence of toxic pollutants show defective development of the brain and body. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), pollution in air leads to nearly 1.8 million fatalities annually. It also contributes to the 29% deaths due to lung cancer.

Air pollution is not a significant problem in India alone. Most of the countries live with highly toxic air quality due to pollution. Data provided by the WHO in 2016 shows that 91% of countries in the world have low-quality air. The data also shows that 9 in every 10 individuals breathe highly polluted air. Also, air pollution accounts for 7 million deaths that occur prematurely.

These polluted regions are at high risk of coronavirus infection as well. The coronavirus pandemic changed the lifestyle of millions of individuals around the world. Major lifestyle changes include working from home, wearing a mask in public places, and maintaining social distance. The infection caused people to change their way of life due to thousands of deaths in the world.

On the other hand, polluted air causes a lot more deaths globally than the coronavirus infection. However, the majority of people do not change their way of life despite the increasing pollution in the world. World leaders and politicians continue to ignore the devastating situation despite the health side effects.

Pollution is causing severe damage to the earth and human health. Many species are on the verge of extinction due to increasing pollution in their habitat. Global organizations do not proceed to take strict actions despite thousands of deaths due to pollution annually.

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Some independent entities, organizations, and individuals pledge to raise awareness due to pollution across the world. The grave effects of pollution can lead to severe outcomes in the future. It is not only important to save nature but also human lives. Many people suffer from permanent damage to lungs or chronic health diseases due to increasing pollution every year.

Some countries took initiatives such as normalizing public transport and cycling. However, collective efforts are essential to make an actual difference and improvement in air quality.

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