Experts Bust Some Common Mental Health Myths

Mental Health is slowly coming out of the list of taboo topics in recent years. However, some mental health myths still prevail in society. The research in the field of mental issues and diseases increased over the past decades. Scientists are now looking forward to developing better and effective treatments for such patients. Meanwhile, some misconceptions need to be cleared.

1.Mental health issues occur rarely among people:

Many people are now talking about mental problems such as anxiety and depression due to coronavirus pandemic. However, these issues existed long before the pandemic and almost as frequently as now. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in 2014 that at least one out of four individuals will suffer from a mental health disorder in their lifespan.

2.Mental health issues prevent people from working:

Several people believe that individuals who suffer from such issues cannot perform a task at their job. However, this is not true and such people often prove themselves at their workplace. Sometimes these issues prevent a person from doing their everyday tasks. But this does not indicate that they can not be productive or do their job well.

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3.You need a therapist only when you don’t have anyone:

A common mental health myth is that people only need therapists when they do not have friends. Therapists are professionals who help you get through your mental health disorder. They are not equal to friends and everyone can need a therapist at some point in their life. Even people with friends can need a therapist to overcome their problems.

4.Males do not suffer from eating disorders:

Eating disorders are usually associated with females while they are equally common among males. A study shows that 10 to 25 % of anorexia and bulimia nervosa cases are reported among men. Meanwhile, men also account for 25% of binge eating cases. This shows the prevalence of eating disorders among men while thinking that only women suffer from them is a mental health myth.

5.Mental illnesses incite violence in people:

A common myth is that every person with a mental health disorder chooses violence in his life. This is a common myth and while many people become violent during their condition, most of them do not.

6.Myths about schizophrenia:

Many myths surround the mental health condition that is schizophrenia. The most common one being that such people always have split personality disorder. The WHO defined this condition as a distortion in emotions, thinking, behavior, perception, and language.

Schizophrenia is the splitting of mind but not the personality. Multiple personalities is another mental health condition that people usually confuse with schizophrenia.

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7.Mental health issues are for life:

A common misconception is that people with mental disorders stay the same for the rest of their life. This is not true as many people recover due to proper treatments and medications. There are many advanced therapies and treatments available now that help people live a better life.

Busting some mental health myths can help people with such disorders survive better in society and live a normal life.

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