US Fails to Overcome the Coronavirus Pandemic

The US is struggling with increasing coronavirus cases since the pandemic started and the situation is still out of hands. Recently, US President Donald Trump was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus which has raised concerns over governmental reports of calling this situation ‘under control’. Meanwhile, the situation in the country is only getting worse making US the worst hit country by COVID-19 pandemic.

John Hopkins University data reveals that only 4 US states report a decrease in new coronavirus cases. The rest of the country is still reporting increasing cases every day. The states with declining Covid-19 cases include Missouri, Hawaii, South Carolina, and Kansas.

The country reported nearly 50,000 new coronavirus cases in a single day this weekend. Previously, such a high number reported in August. Some of the states with a recent surge in cases include Indiana, Montana, Kentucky, and Alaska.

Andy Beshear, the Kentucky Governor recently warned the public about the sudden hike in cases in the state. He also advised people to take necessary precautions. On Monday, Gov. Andy announced mask enforcement in the state.

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Experts suggest that winter can become even more gloomy for the US due to a surge in Covid-19 cases. Dr.

Anthony Fauci mentioned that the country is still not testing an adequate number of people every day for the virus. Fauci said that the US coronavirus testing improved more than the previous months. However, it is still not enough.

Experts repeatedly stress the fact that testing is essential to control the pandemic. It can assist in locating new infections and contain them before they spread to hundreds of individuals. This can help the authorities to put these infected individuals into quarantine before they spread the virus to others.

Overall, the country conducted nearly 107 million coronavirus tests since the beginning of the pandemic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the actual coronavirus cases are far greater than reports in the US. The virus killed more than 210,000 individuals and infected 7.4 million people over less than a year.

The difference in the number of actual and reported cases is due to the lack of coronavirus testing capacity in the country. The lockdown in the earlier months helped contain the virus to some extent. However, this led to an increased rate of unemployment and loss of business. The government eased the lockdown which led to an increase in cases again.

Most of the world is looking towards an effective coronavirus vaccine to end the pandemic. Anthony Fauci said that the country will know by next month if the developed vaccine is safe to use and effective against the virus.

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According to reports by the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 10 coronavirus vaccines are in the last stage of trials. These vaccines are developed in different countries around the world and they will be available once they clear the large clinical trials. These trials will prove the efficacy and safety of the concerning vaccines.

The US will start administrating the vaccines as they get the signal of the safety of a coronavirus vaccine. They will mass-produce the vaccine that will cover the needs and demand of the country. However, the vaccine will be in shortage for the first few months due to limited supply.

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