Coronavirus Infection: Humans are NOT the Only Mammals at Risk

The coronavirus infection thought to spread through a bat can also infect a significant number of mammals other than humans, according to the latest study. The study published recently in Scientific Reports Journal and highlights the important species of animals on the risk of coronavirus infection.

The world is trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine to reduce the global number of coronavirus cases. Also, it will help further relax the restrictions due to the virus and drop the death rate due to Covid-19. Meanwhile, scientists are also aware of the fact that coronavirus can spread through mammals other than humans.

The outbreak thought to originate from a bat, is a non-human source of coronavirus. However, the virus did not transmit directly from the bat to humans but there was an intermediate host that caused a massive outbreak among humans.

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The scientists are not currently aware of which animals can spread the novel coronavirus or show susceptibility to the virus. Meanwhile, a known fact is that coronavirus can also infect pets such as cats and dogs, and humans carrying the virus can infect their pets.

Multiple reports of coronavirus infection in tigers, lions, and cats appeared during the coronavirus pandemic. Also, the study of the animal cell in the laboratory shows that there is a wide range of species that can carry the novel coronavirus.

If scientists find out the animals that are potential coronavirus carriers, humans can become more careful and implement better practices to limit the spread of the virus. This can also prevent the spread of infection among other animals such as livestock or humans that come in close contact with them.

According to the researchers, a large number of vertebrate species can carry the coronavirus. The findings of the study show that at least 26 species of animals can be a potential risk of coronavirus transmission among humans.

An important species is a sheep that is widely found in any agricultural setting around the world. However, the study shows that most of the animals including birds, fish, and reptiles cannot contract the coronavirus.

The researchers mentioned that their study in one way confirm that these animals are a source of coronavirus infection. However, it shows that these species are possible carriers of the virus as suggested by their cell study. Further research in this area will confirm the evidence of the virus among these animal species.

Prof. Christine Orengo is the lead author of this research. Prof. Orengo said that the study aims to identify the species at risk of contracting the coronavirus infection. It can also help scientists further investigate the susceptibility of these animals to the virus.

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There are many reasons to investigate the species that can carry the novel coronavirus. This can lead to outbreak among already endangered species and might cause the extinction of the species. Also, coronavirus spread among livestock can prove catastrophic.

It is extremely important to identify such mammals to help save the species and humans as well. Since there is no coronavirus vaccine available yet, more sources of coronavirus infection can increase the chances of an outbreak. Also, it is important to minimize the source of infection to reduce the number of Covid-19 cases.

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