UK Hospitals Might Fail to Treat Coronavirus Patients This Winter

The number of coronavirus patients is increasing all over the world particularly in the UK. Experts believe that this number will surge even more during winter for several reasons. The upcoming flu season will be a challenge for not only the public but also the hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic. It might even prove to be the most difficult winter in the UK.

Recently, a survey was conducted to take into account the performance of hospitals in the coming months. According to the results, nearly three quarters of medical staff believe that the hospital will fail to provide a good level of care and facilities to the coronavirus patients during winter.

The Society of Acute Medicine (SAM) conducted this survey to find out the opinion of medics regarding hospital care in the coming six months. This survey included medical staff from the acute medical section in UK hospitals.

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Dr. Nick Scriven is the former president at SAM and he said that the NHS went through a tipping point due to a rise in the number of coronavirus patients in the hospitals. This occurred even before winter started and led to heavy pressure on the hospital. Winter season will bring some infections along with it including influenza, norovirus, and some common diseases. This will immensely increase the pressure on hospitals in the UK.

Dr. Nick also warned that the facilities at the hospitals will undergo pressure despite the help form acute medical facilities. Even though they saved bed space for critical patients, these efforts are not enough to ensure that the hospital system stands through the following six months.

According to the survey, facility units of Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) stretched to accommodate more patients. The units will facilitate the hospitals in alleviating some of the pressure on the bed capacity of hospitals and the emergency department. This facility will entertain patients without having them stay during the night at hospitals.

The findings of the survey showed that nearly 34% of participants believe that SDEC helped alleviate pressure from the hospitals. However, there are some restrictions on the functioning of this facility due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the limitations is the lesser number of beds as the hospitals need to ensure social distancing between patients. Also, a lesser number of medical staff available due to various reasons including sickness.
Dr. Nick mentioned that the acute medical facility units in hospitals helped increase the medical facilities and provided respiratory care to coronavirus patients. Hence, the concerns of medical staff about hospital care are alarming and concerning for the authorities.

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He also said that the hospital staff will be under immense pressure due to the rise in coronavirus cases. There is also a lack of sufficient funding from the government to increase the facilities in the hospitals.

The situation in the coming months can lead to a crisis as the coronavirus patients will increase. Also, the hospitals are already under huge pressure that will increase over the next months. Experts suggest increasing the workforce and facilities in the hospitals to help them withstand the coming crisis in the country.

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