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Coronavirus Pandemic: New Series of Curfews and Restrictions in Europe Reported

The coronavirus pandemic halted the life of nearly half of the world over the past months and continues to do so until now. Recently, some restrictions were imposed in England and Paris due to the surge in Covid-19 cases. The authorities imposed an overnight curfew in Paris and new restrictions in London to control the coronavirus spread.

Many European regions reported another surge in coronavirus cases which led to some new restrictions. According to President Emmanuel Macron, the curfew will start in Paris from Friday midnight. The curfew is to discourage people from meeting privately which leads to the spread of the virus.

The government implemented strict laws regarding the restrictions with a heavy fine. People who violate these rules will have to pay 135 Euros in a fine which is equivalent to nearly 160 dollars. Also, the fine will increase to 1500 Euros over the next violation which is equal to 1760 dollars. This heavy fine is to discourage people from violating the curfew in the country.

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Recently, 22,591 new Covid-19 cases were reported in France with 95 fatalities due to the coronavirus pandemic. The total number of coronavirus cases in France became 779,063 after this recent surge. Also, the death toll reached 33,037 fatalities.

New restrictions will also fall upon London starting from Saturday. The level of these restrictions will upgrade from Tier 1 which is medium to Tier 2 which is high.

The government announced that the people in London will be discouraged from meeting in an indoor setting to avoid the spread of the virus. Hence, Londoners will have to avoid household gatherings, indoor parties, and other clubs and bars. Also, the government implemented restrictions on outdoor gathering saying that only six people can gather around while socially distancing. People should also avoid traveling by public transport as it increases the chances of Covid-19 spread.

Maria Van Kerkhove from the World Health Organization (WHO) said that nearly 80% of European countries are experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases. This situation is concerning and alarming for the authorities as the coronavirus transmission is increasing over various regions.
She said that many countries were able to control the coronavirus cases in their region and they can control it again during resurgence.

The German chancellor Angela Merkel will also upgrade the restrictions in the country due to the surge in cases. She said that the exponential growth of Covid-19 cases in the region made her feel uneasy.

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Germany will impose restrictions in which only 10 people will gather at a time. Also, bars and pubs in the country will only stay open until 11 pm. The authorities will assess the coronavirus pandemic situation in the country over the next ten days and act accordingly. Merkel also suggested the younger Germans avoid parties during this time.

Coronavirus cases are also on the surge in Russia which reported record 286 deaths in a single day. The total number of fatalities in Russia reached 23,491. The average daily cases in Russia are also on the surge that will lead to new restrictions in the country.

For some time, the coronavirus pandemic seemed to be somewhat under control but the cases are rising once again. This will lead to new restrictions and lockdowns that will severely impact the economy once again.

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