The US Might Have Nearly 170k Coronavirus Deaths This Winter, Experts Warn

The coronavirus death rate is increasing rapidly in the US with the approaching winter season. Experts believe that the coronavirus cases and fatalities will surge even more during the winter months. Health experts previously warned to lower the infection rate in the US as they expected a surge by the end of the year.

An epidemiology professor, Tara Smith from Kent State University said that the authorities expected to control the Covid-19 cases during summer. However, the cases only kept increasing and it will become a huge problem in the coming months.

All through the coronavirus pandemic, the US was unable to control the number of cases and coronavirus deaths. Covid-19 cases became somewhat low after July but the authorities could not control the spread of infection. The outbreak seems out of hand as the cases are now increasing every day.

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The average daily coronavirus cases reported in the US are 52,000. There are many factors that lead to this surge in infections including the reopening of educational institutions and the public hesitant to follow the guidelines.

Many people in the US avoid social distancing and do not wear masks despite the huge number of cases reported every day. Also, things are somewhat back to normal with people going to restaurants, bars, and indoor parties.

A prediction from a US model project shows that the country can report 170,000 coronavirus deaths from this time until February. This will increase the total death toll in the country to 390,000 deaths approximately.
The health metrics sciences professor, Ali Mokdad from the University of Washington said that the US is still struggling with the first wave of coronavirus. He also developed this forecast model for coronavirus cases in the US.

The outbreak in the US occurred in different waves depending upon the season. The first wave was in the spring and the other one in summer. However, health experts suggest that these waves of Covid-19 do not represent the uneven outbreaks of the virus in different states.

There is a huge US population who did not get coronavirus infection throughout this year. This means that this population is still at risk of infection. Experts believe that the upcoming season can be the worst in the history of the US. However, proper measures and following guidelines can always lower the coronavirus spread.

It is essential to adhere to pandemic guidelines this winter to reduce the possible number of coronavirus deaths. If the situation goes uncontrolled, it can break down the health care system of the country.

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Some health experts are still optimistic if Americans follow the guidelines to control the outbreak. A huge population in the US refuses to adhere to the guidelines. It is necessary to take proper care of hygiene, wash hands, and wear a mask to prevent a possible infection.

The US has been struggling with the virus for the whole year and the cases are only increasing. Many countries successfully overcame the situation but this was not the case with the US. However, proper implementation of guidelines can help save the public from a devastating winter this year.

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