Coronavirus Guidelines Are Essential to Contain Recent Outbreak, Says Fauci

Health experts repeatedly suggest following coronavirus guidelines to stay safe during the pandemic. These include washing hands regularly, using a sanitizer frequently, wearing a face mask, and maintaining social distancing.

Many people in the US avoid these basic guidelines and the coronavirus cases are on the surge despite many efforts. The cases are expected to increase more than before during the upcoming fall season. Currently, the US is struggling with 55,000 coronavirus cases on average every day.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the US will not impose another lockdown before the situation gets out of hand. He said that the coronavirus guidelines and health measures can help us lower the coronavirus cases in the country.

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A nationwide lockdown will affect the reopened economy once again and cause a loss of business. The public can ensure open business and jobs as long as they follow the public health measures, recently said Fauci.

Experts suggest that the US can bring down the soaring high coronavirus cases by following the guidelines. These include avoiding huge crowds and always maintaining social distance among people. Also, keeping the number of people in a gathering to a minimum and continue wearing a mask in public places.

These simple guidelines are reminded to the Americans now and then and this is the only way to reduce the number of cases. These health measures will help keep the numbers lower until an effective and safe coronavirus vaccine is available. Until then, people much follow coronavirus guidelines to keep themselves and everyone around them safe.

Some of the US politicians are pressurizing to release the coronavirus vaccine early into the market. It led to some controversies related to the vaccine. However, the vaccine experts suggest releasing the vaccine on time to avoid a lack of quality standard of the vaccine.

Fauci mentioned that the FDA commissioner will not let US politicians interfere with the release of coronavirus vaccine. The government also established an advisory committee to give suggestions to the FDA which consists of independent and trusted experts.

For the last week, coronavirus cases surged in various states of the country. The new cases in Florida were more than 2,000 infections for at least a week. 27 states in the US reported a surge of 10% increase in coronavirus cases in the last week. The cases are rising at the level of numbers during mid-summer.

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Health experts often warn people to follow the coronavirus guidelines to protect themselves against the virus. The series of violations of restrictions and various protests during the pandemic led to a huge spike in cases.

Some experts also believe that the policy of the US government is not clear towards tackling the coronavirus outbreak. Recently, President Donald Trump also contracted the virus after refusing to wear a mask on several occasions.

The US is still trying to control the first wave of coronavirus. Many western countries were able to control the outbreak within a few months. However, the US was not able to overcome the outbreak for almost a year of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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