Does Partial Lockdown Help Contain Coronavirus Spread?

The Bahamas recently reported 300 coronavirus cases in the past days despite the partial lockdown on the island. The region is in an on and off lockdown situation which does not seem to help bring down the number of cases.

Dr. Nikkiah Forbes is a disease expert and the Infectious Disease Programme and the National HIV/AIDS director for the Ministry of Health. Dr. Forbes said that partial lockdowns are not working to keep the situation under control. She also mentioned that the authorities should look into better measures to control the lethal virus.

Dr. Forbes believes that this sort of lockdown does not affect the infection rate in a region. Most people forget about the lockdown once the authorities ease the restrictions and the cases spike up once again.

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The Ministry of Health reported 150 cases of coronavirus on Monday and another fatality due to the virus. Dr. Hubert Minnis, the Prime Minister imposed a partial lockdown in the region during early October. The new restrictions stated that Abaco and New Providence will undergo curfew starting from 7 pm every night.

The Prime Minister mentioned that the authorities will lift the partial lockdown when the coronavirus situation is in hand. Since the coronavirus cases are increasing on the island, they will likely extend this lockdown to November.

Dr. Forbes said that the Covid-19 cases are increasing during the coronavirus second wave. This means that a full lockdown might implement in New Providence after seeing the rise in Covid-19 cases.

She also mentioned that people live their lives normally when there are no restrictions. They go to restaurants and grocery shopping in the daytime and everyone does not follow the coronavirus guidelines. A partial coronavirus lockdown might not help us bring down the Covid-19 cases rising over the past weeks.

Dr. Forbes mentioned that this experience shows what the authorities should do in the coming days to contain the outbreak. The rise in Covid-19 cases puts immense pressure on hospitals and the overall health care system. The economy also suffered for months due to the coronavirus lockdowns.

Even though lockdown can disrupt the daily life and economy of a region, the rise in coronavirus cases can prove devastating for them. it is important to keep a check that people are following coronavirus guidelines to keep themselves and others safe from the virus.

Health experts suggest people maintain social distancing at all times even if there is no lockdown. This can help decrease the number of coronavirus cases in the region. Meanwhile, many people only follow the rules in the lockdown situation and interact with people normally otherwise.

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People should take it as their own responsibility to limit their interactions and wear masks at all times to control the spread of the virus. A complete lockdown might be implemented on the island considering that the partial lockdown did not help them bring down the increasing new cases.

The surge in coronavirus cases impacts the health care system negatively and put pressure on medical staff and hospitals. A complete lockdown might help take this pressure off the healthcare system of the island and help them reduce the number of Covid-19 cases once again.

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