Coffee Can Help Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Mortality Risk, New Finding 

Type 2 Diabetes is a disease that affects a major population of the world. In the US alone, nearly one out of 10 individuals have this disease. Also, it affects 422 million individuals across the globe. Diabetes not only itself is a chronic disease but also leads to other major health conditions as well. These include fractures in bone, cancer, heart disease, and dementia. 

There are many ways to control the blood sugar level in diabetes. Several medications are available in the market for this purpose. However, lifestyle changes can also help control the disease. One can incorporate a healthy lifestyle through diet, exercise, and avoiding tobacco smoking.

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Scientists studied the health benefits of green tea and coffee for diabetes over several years. Several findings also show that green tea helps lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Scientists found a similar effect of coffee for diabetic patients as well. 

Recently, a team of researchers from Japan investigated the benefits of these beverages for people with type 2 diabetes. This team of researchers come from Fukuoka Dental College, Hakujyuji Hospital, and Kyushu University. 

The researchers published their findings in the journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care

The researchers obtained already recorded data of 4,932 individuals with the disease. The participants ranged from 20 years old to 66 years of average aged people. 

These participants recorded their thorough information including exercise, health conditions, BMI, depression, blood pressure, duration of sleep, and alcohol and tobacco consumption habits. They also recorded their diet and mentioned their green tea or coffee consumption. 

The team of researchers recorded the data of these participants for nearly 5.3 years. During this period, 309 individuals died. The researchers recorded high and low consumption of green tea and coffee in these participants. 

They set the measure at 4 or more green tea cups as high consumption. Also, for coffee, they considered 2 or more cups as high intake. 

The findings of the study showed that the participants who regularly drank either of these beverages had lower death while those who avoided green tea and coffee had a greater risk of death. The risk lowered as their consumption increased every day. 

The authors of this study mentioned that the participants who consumed green tea and coffee had a combined 63 percent lower risk of mortality due to Type 2 Diabetes. 

According to the researchers, a 40 percent lower death risk was associated with drinking coffee every day. Also, people who consumed a high intake of green tea had a 40 percent lower risk of death due to the disease. Meanwhile, combining both beverages every day had the highest impact. 

Even though this study considered several important factors, there are some limitations that exist. The researchers recorded the data only from the memory of their participants which can either diminish over time or it is not always accurate. 

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The researchers also obtained this data when they started this study. This means that the beverage drinking habits of these participants could change over time which the researchers did not record. 

Another limitation of this study is that they did not back it with any scientific evidence but it is a mere observation of the participants over some years. These points can help people keep in mind that these beverages might not help them but they can reduce the odds of their mortality due to type 2 diabetes. 

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