Important Family Health Care Strategies for the Government This Election

The coronavirus pandemic highlighted the importance of family health care particularly the children who suffered in terms of education and health. Childcare is highly expensive for many families in the US and many centers are even closing due to pandemic stress.

The government needs to work on such policies that benefit the working-class families of the country. One way to ensure this is through child care subsidies. This will help the parents maintain their employment and will not lose their wages going into child care. There is also a huge room for improvement in the quality standards for child health and care.

Many countries also provide paid leaves to new parents so they can take a break and also provide better care to their child. There are several inconsistencies in the US considering paid leaves for new mothers or sick leaves.
The government also needs to invest in education programs as it is directly linked to the health of children.

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Schools can help improve the health of children in the long run and also provide social services and nutrition. These factors play an important role as highlighted during the closure of schools due to Covid-19.

Even though schools need more investment and better plans, these investments decline continuously over the past years. Many schools had to give up their counseling faculty and supporting staff due to a lack of funding for the institute.

This led to a compromise on quality education and the basic early life needs of children. The schools also need extra funding due to the safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic. Many schools also lack sufficient ventilation and clean drinking water free of lead. This can lead to several health care problems for young individuals.

Health experts suggest that the mental health of people from all age groups declined during the past eight months of Covid-19. It can be due to several reasons including social distancing, losing jobs, and a declining economy. However, the government needs to ensure that mental health needs are also covered in the family health care plan to ensure a healthy society.

According to a recent survey by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every 1 out of 4 individuals was suicidal over the past 30 days. The survey included young individuals aged from 18 years to 24 years. This survey shows the mental health condition of the youth and the effect of coronavirus pandemic.

Another important aspect to cover family health care is affordable health insurance for children. It can provide financial protection to families and better opportunities for health care. Also, they will not lose their whole salary to their child’s health care.

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The current coronavirus pandemic brought a wave of unemployment and low wages in the country. The otherwise expensive health insurance for children is now even more out of pocket for many families. The government can help these families by bringing down the cost of health insurance for children. In this way, everyone gets an equal opportunity for financial stability and insurance.

These steps can revolutionize the family health care system in the US and provide cheaper and accessible services to millions of families.

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