How Can Breast Cancer Patients Deal with the Aftermath of Disease?

Breast cancer is a disease with many painful symptoms and lifelong side effects which can only be addressed through rehabilitation. Many people think that their journey with cancer ends as chemotherapy but there is a lot more to it including rehabilitation. 

Dr. Sean Smith works for the Cancer Rehabilitation Program as its director and also a professor at the University of Michigan. Dr. Sean said that many patients who recovered from breast cancer can benefit from rehabilitation care. 

Cancer Rehabilitation Program, as the name suggests is a rehabilitation facility for patients with different cancer types. The program provides treatment and aftercare for the patients so they can fully recover from the experience. 

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Living with cancer is not a pleasant experience and it can leave permanent marks on the body and mind. Many people not only suffer from physical ailment but it also disrupts their mental health. The rehabilitation program also provides physical therapy to get rid of the symptoms that come with breast cancer. 

Dr. Smith mentioned that the facility help breast cancer patients through the lymphedema program. This program involves physical therapy provided by trained and professional therapists. Many patients reported that they saw improvement in their chest and shoulder pain after therapy. 

Breast cancer patients suffer from pain in these areas after radiation or surgery. Some patients feel numbness, pain, and tightness in the shoulder area or the chest area. The rehabilitation program deals with the physical pain and cognitive decline related to different cancer treatments. 

Rehabilitation care is designed for every person specifically and targets their needs and requirements. Every person has a different experience with cancer therapy and requires different ways to recover from it. The therapists need to address the problems of every patient differently. 

Dr. Smith mentioned that the rehabilitation program caters to the need of every patient through their wide range of professionals. They have physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists, and cancer experts to deal with different problems of cancer patients. 

The physicians involved in the rehabilitation program provide help to cancer patients who deal with cognitive issues, skeletal and muscular problems, and other issues related to cancer treatment.

Breast cancer if not diagnosed early can become a life-long disease. There is also a social stigma attached to this disease which prevents patients from getting the adequate help that they need. Such patients need thorough rehabilitation care to mentally and physically recover from the disease. 

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Rehabilitation can also help improve the post-cancer life quality of patients. This can even work for those who are living with this disease. Many patients find it difficult to return to their normal life once they are diagnosed with cancer or start getting the treatment. However, they can regain some aspects including spending more time with their friends and family which can help their mental health. It can also increase their will power to fight against the disease. 

The cancer experience is not a pleasant one and all the patients need extra care and rehabilitation to completely recover from the disease. It also helps those individuals who live with cancer for decades and it declines their physical and mental health. 

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