Guide to Maintain Blood Sugar Level This Festive Season for Diabetic Patients 

People usually indulge in unhealthy routines and diets during the festive season, particularly diabetic patients. This can lead to an uncontrolled level of blood glucose which can cause several complications. However, you can keep your blood glucose level under check by following your diet and a healthy routine. 

Festivity is all about heaps of delicious food and gathering with friends and family for a lavish dinner. People also like to incorporate fried and sweet dishes to stay true to the essence of the festive season. Here is a checklist that you can follow to keep your meals healthy during the upcoming months. 

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Keep your carb intake low 

Carbohydrates can prove to be a nightmare for diabetic patients if taken over the recommended amount. You probably do not want to spend the festivities lying on the bed so, keep your glucose level under check at all times. Always look for healthier alternatives to processed foods such as carrots, cashews, apples, and beans. Also, try to incorporate foods rich in fiber including vegetables. 

Do NOT skip any meals 

The festive season can prove hectic and painstaking due to numerous preparations and gatherings. Meanwhile, do not forget about your proper meals and medication. Fluctuation in glucose level during the festive season is normal but it can get worse if you skip any meals. 

Alcohol and soft drinks 

Try to avoid any drink with excessive sugar such as carbonated drinks and alcohol. Such beverages increase the level of glucose dramatically. Hence, it is better to avoid such drinks during this time. 

Stay hydrated 

Diabetic patients need to keep their hydration levels under check at all times and especially during the holiday season. Such people might experience nausea, vomiting, and headache due to the low level of water in the body. Many beverages can help you stay hydrated during the day including fresh fruit juices, milk, or water. 

Don’t forget to workout 

You should not forget about your physical activity or exercise routine during the holiday season. Also, you can balance binge eating with thorough exercise. Adequate physical activity can help you stay active during the day and boost your immune response as well. This is also helpful in keeping blood glucose under control. 

Remember your medications 

Many people tend to forget to take their diabetes medication or insulin dosage during the hustle and bustle of the festive season. This can lead to a disaster as the blood glucose level can increase to a high degree which can even cause hospitalization of the diabetic patient. 

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Test glucose level frequently

Health experts suggest checking your glucose level at different intervals during the day. You can also check your glucose level before or after meals depending on your condition. Glucose levels can fluctuate multiple times during the day while you are busy cooking and working around the day.

Enjoying the feast without control

Balance is important in everything in life but overeating during the festive season can not only lead to unnecessary weight gain, stomach problems, and disruption in glucose level of blood.   

With the holiday season approaching, everyone is anticipating the thanksgiving dinner and Christmas treats but diabetic patients should take special care regarding their health.

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