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Highest Daily Coronavirus Deaths Recorded in the UK Since May 

The daily coronavirus death count is increasing every day in the UK despite the efforts of the authorities to control the pandemic. According to the official figures, the UK recorded 367 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours. Shockingly, this is the highest death rate recorded in a single day after 27 May earlier this year and the UK reported 422 coronavirus deaths on that day. 

The data issued by the government shows that the death toll in the UK due to coronavirus reached 45,365 fatalities. Also, the number of total coronavirus cases have reached a total of 917,575.

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The Office for National Statistics released separate data regarding the situation of the coronavirus outbreak in the UK. This data shows that the number of registered deaths every week increased nearly half in number over the last 7 days. 

The ONS also reported that the week before 16 October showed 670 coronavirus deaths in Wales and England. This trend shows that the coronavirus deaths increased by 53 percent from the last week which reported 438 fatalities. 

The daily coronavirus deaths increased in Wales and England uniformly. All hospitals, private homes, care homes, and community services reported deaths due to the novel coronavirus. 

Dr. Yvonne Doyle is the medical director at Public Health England. She said the increase in daily coronavirus deaths will continue in this trend for some time. Dr. Doyle mentioned that coronavirus cases are increasing in hospitals every day. Also, they are reporting a rise in the coronavirus death rate. 

She also said that the increasing hospitalization of coronavirus patients shows that more deaths will report in the coming days. People are getting severely sick due to the virus outbreak in the UK.

Previously, experts believed that if enough people get coronavirus infection, they will achieve immunity against the virus. However, the latest researches show that the body does not maintain the antibodies against the virus and they start decreasing significantly after recovery. 

Some experts also suggested going towards herd immunity instead of implementing lockdown in the country. The previous lockdown put immense stress on the public and the economy majorly suffered because of the lockdown. 

People are advised to follow the general guidelines against the virus to prevent the spread of infection. These include maintaining good hygiene, washing hands regularly or using a good quality hand sanitizer, wearing face masks in public, and keeping your social distance at all times. 

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Several countries in Europe are now going towards further restrictions due to the increase in coronavirus cases. There is a similar trend of increasing coronavirus deaths in these counties. The authorities implemented partial lockdowns to control the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, experts predicted that the coronavirus cases will increase as we move towards the colder season. 

The authorities have also issued guidelines regarding the festive season this year. The experts advise people to celebrate the festivities inside their homes to stay safe from the virus. The upcoming holidays can further increase the daily coronavirus deaths count in the UK and other countries.

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