How to Escape Domestic Violence During Coronavirus Pandemic?

Staying at home all day during a global pandemic can prove a nightmare for people who suffer from domestic violence. Many people can not escape to their usual places like before due to restrictions imposed during the virus outbreak. However, you can use some ways to get help against domestic violence. 

This also includes talking to your family and friends about your situation as they can help you during a crisis. You can also get help from hotlines working to assist domestic abuse victims. 

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Assess your partner’s tactics: 

Before you take any precautions, assess the situation, and see what your partner does in an abusive situation. There are multiple conditions such as if he or she uses physical force against you, verbally threaten you, hurt you in any way, or use any weapons. 

Some abusive people even make threats of killing themselves or their partner in such situations. You should always be more careful as the situation can only get worse.

Keep your phone with you and memorize helplines:

Always keep your cell phone near or find out any accessible, public phone. Also, remember the numbers of your close family and friends in case of an emergency. Local shelters can also help in such a situation so, memorize their hotline as well. 

Talk to your neighbors and friends: 

Plan any visual signal that indicates you need help from your neighbors. Also, guide them clearly about your situation and give contacts to people who can help you in this situation. 

Communicate with your housemates:

Explain to your kids to leave the house in a violent situation as children get hurt during such conditions. Also, talk to other members of the house about how they can help you or if they should leave the house to escape injury. 

Makeup reasons to stay away from your partner:

Think of ideas that can keep you out of your house for a longer period such as staying late for work or running errands. Either way, always make up an excuse that makes sense and has a reason behind it. You can also go to a nearby departmental store or do some outside chores to stay out of the house.

Hide your partner’s weapons:

Hide your own weapons from your partner that you might need to get out of an emergency. Experts also recommend avoiding using weapons against your partner as they might harm you during the assault.

Pay attention to what you wear:

Your partner can harm you using your own jewelry or clothing. Remember to avoid wearing any sharp jewelry or scarves as they can work as weapons against you. 

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Work on your escape plan:

Devise an escape plan and practice it multiple times so you can escape easily during an abusive situation. Also, remember to keep your car full of fuel at all times. 

Domestic violence is a sad reality of our society and many abusive partners get to harm other people, most probably their own family. Such a crisis can result in a huge disaster and you should take all the necessary steps for your safety. 

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