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The Worst Coronavirus Surge Hits the US

The coronavirus surge led to a lockdown that was a nightmare for many people as it caused mental health and employment issues. Experts suggest that the US might need another lockdown to lower the number of coronavirus cases as the public is not following the guidelines.

Dr. Leana Wen, who is a physician, said that the rate of coronavirus spread is increasing. Also, this surge is record-breaking as compared to the previous outbreaks. She said that some of the hospitals in the US can not endure this pressure, and they are losing this battle.

This breakdown not only affects coronavirus patients but the regular patients as well who need emergency surgery or treatment. According to Dr. Wen, the authorities might need to implement another lockdown if the coronavirus surge continues to grow in the present trend.

Dr. Wen also mentioned that we need to take strict measures to control the number of coronavirus cases. We should ensure wearing masks and social distancing as the coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in the country.

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The coronavirus outbreak in the US was bad from the beginning but it only got worse with time. Recently on Sunday, the coronavirus surge set another record with the highest average of new cases every day for seven consecutive days. The number reached 81,336 new cases, and it is the first time to cross 80,000 cases, as states in the data provided by Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Wen said that the recent surge is worse than the previous ones as the virus has spread all over the country. Previously, there were targeted coronavirus hotspots where the virus was spreading rapidly. Also, the health care staff volunteered to help those areas with a high number of Covid-19 cases.

The current situation shows that the number of health care workers is less as compared to the number of coronavirus cases. This can lead to an adverse situation and further pressure on the health care system of the country. Dr. Wen also said that considering the current surge in cases, the health care system is suffering from immense pressure.

The coronavirus vaccine is still in the testing stage and not available for the public. Health experts estimate that the vaccine will become available for wide distribution by the mid of next year. Meanwhile, there are some serious concerns that the vaccine will not be distributed equally in the country.

Recently Andrew Cuomo, the New York Governor criticized the vaccine distribution scheme of the government. He mentioned that the military will distribute the coronavirus vaccine among the leading pharmacy chains and they will further distribute the vaccine.

The governor also mentioned that the coronavirus cases were higher among black people and brown communities. They do not have access to adequate health services which led to a higher number of cases among them. The coronavirus cases are decreasing in some states of the US. However, the overall situation of the coronavirus surge in the country is worrisome. Also, health experts suggest the government needs to come forward with a solid plan to fight the pandemic.

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