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An Ongoing Pandemic is NOT the Best Time to Get Pregnant, New Study Warns

Many factors increase the risk of coronavirus death or a severe infection that includes an underlying health condition such as heart disease or obesity. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a report that shows coronavirus can be life-threatening for pregnant women as well. 

 According to this report, pregnant women are at higher risk of coronavirus death, and they can become severely infected. The report also mentions that Covid-19 can cause premature delivery in some cases as well. 

Another report suggests that coronavirus causes a higher number of preterm births. These births refer to childbirth before a pregnancy period of 37 weeks is completed. Commonly, the rate is 10.2 percent under normal conditions, but the coronavirus pandemic increased this rate to 12.9 percent. 

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This latest research shows that the coronavirus increases the risk of premature childbirth or complications for the mother. Also, the coronavirus puts the infant at risk of death even though it does not have the infection. 

According to the CDC researchers, coronavirus positive pregnant women have a higher risk of early childbirth. The research team analyzed 4,442 pregnant women with coronavirus infection. The researchers found that 12.9 percent of the childbirths were preterm. 

Babies born before the estimated duration have a higher risk of developing health conditions and death. Such babies might suffer from life-long disability, hearing, vision, and breathing issues. The researchers also found that 2.6 percent of infants born had coronavirus infection. Also, most of the babies who tested positive had their mother diagnosed with the infection in a week of childbirth. 

In the latest report, the research team found that for pregnant women, every 10.5 out of 1000 required intensive care. However, for the women who were not pregnant, 3.9 out of 1000 required ICU. This data shows that pregnant women are at 3 times higher risk of severe coronavirus infection. These women require a ventilator for breathing and need oxygen support for their heart and lungs.

These reports show that pregnant women might need external support to survive and they have a higher risk of coronavirus death than other women. As the data shows, the rate of death among pregnant women is 1.5 out of 1000. Meanwhile, 1.2 among the other women.

The coronavirus cases in the US are increasing and pregnant mothers should stay vigilant and safe from the virus. According to the data, only 1 percent of all pregnant women need intensive care after coronavirus infection. However, this rate is still higher than women who are not pregnant. This shows that pregnancy significantly increases the risk of severe coronavirus infection. 

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Pregnant women should take special care and avoid close interactions with people even when they are in their house. Also, they should ensure social distancing and avoid crowds and gathering as much as possible. 

Experts are encouraging people to get their flu shots this year more than ever. Meanwhile, flu shots are the most important for pregnant women as it can save them from the risk of coronavirus death. In light of recent reports, experts suggest these women get their regular medical exams and eat immunity-boosting foods.

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