Climate Change Might Lead to Additional Tax on Red Meat 

Many people prefer a plant-based diet as animal products such as meat have a heavy impact on the environment and lead to global climate change. Recently, some high impact health professionals from the UK recommended imposing a climate tax on food products that cause heavy damage to the climate. 

The tax will be in action by 2025 unless the food industry starts working on the environment damaging food products. The health professionals group mentioned that animal products such as dairy and meat put immense pressure on the climate. These products lead to high emissions that damage the environment. 

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According to the experts, plant-based diets or alternatives to meat are better for not only the environment but for human health as well. These products prevent illnesses and improve the overall lifestyle of people. 

The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC) consists of high profile health professionals responsible for managing the public health of the UK. The latest report by this alliance suggests ending cheap offers on food that damage the environment. Also, they recommended providing these offers for food products that are generally wasted and do not cause climate change. 

The alliance also suggests starting campaigns that educate the public about the damaging effects of animal products on human health and the environment. The food industry causes immense damage to the environment by generating nearly a quarter of total greenhouse gas in the world. Several pieces of research show that a plant-based diet has numerous health benefits and also save the environment. Red meat and other dairy products damage the environment and cause permanent climate change. 

Data also shows that people from economically wealthy countries consume more meat than the recommended amount. Also, in the UK people usually prefer meat over fruits and vegetables. According to data from the UK, only one individual out of three takes the recommended amount of fruits in a day. 

Kristin Bash is the co-author of this report and the leader of the food group of the Faculty of Public Health. She said that we can not have an impact on the climate if we do not address the food situation. Kristin also mentioned that we need to take adequate steps to stop the change in climate. 

She said that the report does not force people to start a vegan diet and give up meat completely. It suggests the public reduce their animal product consumption and increase plant-based food consumption. Many health organizations also approve of this diet and encourage people to limit their meat consumption. 

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Climate change is a serious issue as it can lead to depletion of our food sources. It can also cause extinction of thousands of species. The annual forest fires are a major representation of the intense change happening every year. The authorities need to take strict measures to ensure a safe and healthier planet for us and future generations. 

The high carbon emissions and harmful gases from the food industry make a huge impact on the environmental condition. At some point, there will be no way to reverse this process. Hence, health professionals around the world encourage people to take up diet healthier for a better planet. 

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