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Millions of Minks to be Culled for Spreading Mutated Coronavirus in Denmark

Recently, a mutated coronavirus outbreak was reported in Denmark that spread from minks in the Northern area of the country. This led to the prime minister of Denmark call for culling all minks living in farms as they pose a huge threat to humans. The mutated coronavirus might spread again through these minks among humans and cause a severe outbreak. 

According to Mette Frederiksen, the Prime Minister of Denmark, an official agency of the government responsible for reporting coronavirus infections in the country presented this report. The report shows that 12 individuals from northern Denmark had a mutation in coronavirus. These people got Covid-19 from minks found in a large number in Denmark due to the popular industry. 

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According to the health minister of Denmark, minks are responsible for nearly half of the coronavirus cases in the northern region of the country. The Prime Minister said that this mutated coronavirus can potentially spread around the world and cause devastating results. Hence, the government called for controlling the adverse situation.

Denmark has a remarkable mink industry and is known for exporting mink fur around the world. The country alone produces more than 17 million mink furs every year. Culling the huge population of minks will cause the country a loss of more than 5 billion Danish Kroner which is equal to 1 billion Canadian dollars. 

The food minister of Denmark, Mogens Jensen mentioned that 207 minks farms have coronavirus infection now. Last month, this number was only 41 that increased and the virus spread in most western Jutland. The government ensured the mink farmers that they will receive compensation for culling their millions of minks. They started this practice last month and have culled millions of animals until now. 

The confirmed coronavirus cases in Denmark have reached 50,530 with 729 reported deaths due to the virus. The State Serum Institute is an authority in Denmark that deals with several infectious diseases. The authority conducted laboratory tests for the recent outbreak and submitted their findings to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the World Health Organization. 

Mike Ryan, the emergency program head of WHO called for a scientific investigation for this issue. Reportedly, the coronavirus infection enters the mink population and transmits to humans again through them. There are a total of 1,139 mink farms in Denmark and 207 of those have coronavirus infection. This will lead to the culling of millions of animals to keep the coronavirus away from the human population. 

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Many animal welfare organizations are supporting this step by the Prime Minister of Denmark. They hope that this leads to an end to the huge mink fur industry in Denmark. This culling of minks will cause a huge loss to the industry and many people hope that the mink industry will end in the country. 

Millions of minks are killed every year for their fur and it is a million-dollar industry. Many animal welfare organizations speak against this inhumane activity. Even though the culling of these animals is tragic, it might put an end to an inhumane business going on for decades around the world. 

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