Don’t Lose Your Mental Health During the Presidential Election

The 2020 Presidential election taking place in the US has affected millions of lives and many people are stressed due to the high stake polls. Studies show that the people supporting the losing candidate usually suffer from poor mental health after the declaration of results. This guide can help you stay positive during this practice that might impact your mental health. 

Don’t Overindulge Yourself

Previous researches show that limiting yourself from the bad news helps keep the negative thoughts away. It can affect your mood and might cause anxiety and depression in the days following the presidential election. Hence, try to cut your social media and television time short as you do not need updates every hour.

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Also, try to acknowledge every negative sign and thought as it can get worse with time. Ignoring the signs of poor mental health such as depression or anxiety can only lead to them getting worse in the future. Hence, try to address your thoughts as soon as possible before getting worse consequences.  

Navigate your Thoughts

Many people tend to think that it is the end of the world for them when things don’t go as they expected. It is a fairly common thing and can often lead to catastrophizing. Having out of control negative thought can impact your mental health negatively and spiral into anxiety. 

There are many ways to keep such thoughts at bay. One of the most effective methods is to ask yourself questions about your thoughts. Think if things will happen the same way as you are thinking or things turn out differently. Also, remind yourself about your past experiences if everything does not go according to your thoughts. 

Although it can be difficult to stay positive when your team is on the losing end, you can give arguments about the losing team instead of sulking into bad thoughts. This practice can help reduce your stress and also an effective way of speaking out your thoughts. 

It is also important to remind ourselves that whatever happens during this time is not the end of the world by any means. Also, try to express your thoughts with your friends and relatives as it feels better to be in a community during such times. 

Help Others in your Community 

You choose your side in the presidential election depending upon who will provide better healthcare or education system to the country. Even though you majorly depend on the leader of the country, contributing individually to the society can also make a huge difference.

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Try to volunteer for health care in your community and see if it boosts up your mental health. Contributing to society usually has a positive impact on the mind. It helps the positive thoughts come into your mind as well. 

Generous behavior and helping others in such a stressful time can help reduce your negative thoughts. Also, this is better than staying home all day and sticking to your television screen. Try to reduce your screen time and continuous updates from the news. Everyone needs a break once in a while! 

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