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Everything You Need to Know About Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine 

Recently, the findings from the clinical trials of the Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine released which shows that the vaccine has high efficacy and the scientists nearly found no issues with this vaccine during the trials. The vaccine is developed by BioNTech and Pfizer which they tested in a huge trial containing 43,500 participants. They tested this vaccine in 6 different countries and fortunately, this vaccine does not show any side effects so far. 

The Pfizer coronavirus vaccine will probably get emergency approval as the coronavirus cases rise in some parts of the world. This the first vaccine to prove its efficacy in a short period of a few months. However, this is not where the struggle ends for this vaccine. 

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Health experts suggest that the coronavirus risk will reduce after the approval of this new vaccine. Also, experts are hopeful that life will soon get back to normal once people start receiving this vaccine. This is currently the only hope to get us out of this adverse situation. 

The coronavirus pandemic imposed several restrictions on people around the world. Scientists worked hard to develop an effective vaccine against the coronavirus but most of them failed during trials. According to the data, this vaccine shows 90% efficacy against the novel coronavirus. 

The vaccine requires two doses with a gap of three weeks to show maximum efficacy and protection. Initial data provided by Germany, South Africa, the US, Brazil, Turkey, and Argentina shows that the vaccine protects against the virus after a week of the second dose.   

The Pfizer chairman, Dr. Albert Bourla said that these results bring us close to the end of the coronavirus pandemic. However, this is the initial data and the results might change as more data follows. The Pfizer coronavirus vaccine might be available by the end of this year. Meanwhile, not everyone will have access to this vaccine. The priority individuals will get the vaccine first followed by the rest of the public. This vaccine does not have regulatory approval yet so the companies can not start distributing this vaccine yet. 

Every individual requires two doses of this vaccine to develop immunity against the virus. According to the companies, they will provide 50 million vaccine doses within this year with 1.3 million vaccine doses within the next year. The coronavirus vaccine will not be accessible to all the world at once. Countries with higher coronavirus cases will get the vaccine during the first phase. Also, high-risk individuals such as hospital staff will be the first to receive this vaccine. 

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The vaccine seems safe and effective until now but further results will reveal its efficacy in a huge population. Meanwhile, scientists are not aware of how long this vaccine protects against the virus. It can range from months to years but there is no definite proof yet. 

Health experts are optimistic regarding this advancement and regard this as a milestone of this year. The coronavirus pandemic paralyzed this year with multiple restrictions and lockdown. Meanwhile, the success of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine is the biggest health news over the past months. 

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